Feeling your pain DH ... I copped it resoundingly from all corners of the globe and dreaded waking up this morning because those that missed me last night, because they were too joyous, got into me this morning ... thank heavens there is only a couple of weeks to the next game.

You're right Oz, ever since he started this year he has been hit and miss and those defensive lapses were apparent when he was with the Storm but covered by the superior work ethic from his teammates. Fifita can defend but not so wide. He is not a de facto centre and should have a game plan worked around his unique set of skills ... the modern game should really suit him not the old block pay and structure. MoFO was truly awesome, did he miss any or drop anything?

And Turbo really is the player of 2021. Teddy, Lav Mitchell, Luai, To'o and Cleary can certainly play but not at his level. We have none to match any of those at the moment except with passion ... best thing was watching the silencing of the freakin' foxx.