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21-05-07, 05:21 AM
It has taken me a year and a half to work out I didn't have a thread on the introduction forum!!!

G'day rugby league fans from around the world!

Well my name is Brad and I go by the handle DIEHARD. In fact I answer to DIEHARD more often than Brad. So if you meet me in real life don't be shy.

DIEHARD not only because it is my favourite movie series but to also represent my favourite rugby league team in the world, the famous Valleys Diehards, who were based at Albion in Brisbane Australia. They were and still are Queensland's oldest and most successful rugby league club, winning 24 premierships and being founded in 1909.

Valleys Diehards Premiership Records wrote:

1909, 1911, 1914, 1915, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1924, 1931, 1933, 1937, 1941, 1944, 1946, 1955, 1957, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1979, 1988, 1989, 1990.

Unfortunately they only exist as a junior club presently, but at least they are still alive, I am very thankful for that fact.

Before the Super League war I was a Brisbane Broncos fan. But to put things simply, I wasn't happy with the club during that period and soon found myself supporting "rugby league" as a whole rather than one simple club. That really made me take a huge interest in international rugby league, the Gold Coast and grassroots rugby league.

My parents used to take me to Giants, Seagulls and Chargers games. Gee I used to LOVE going to Chargers games.

In a world of negatives one small positive of the war was the type of fan it turned me into.

I found myself supporting expansion clubs such as New Zealand and Melbourne and hoping the traditional clubs could hold on so we could get out of the situation we were placed in.

I really just supported rugby league. But I truly and deeply missed having a club to call my own, let's be serious that is what it is all about, at any level of the game!

But luckily the Gold Coast Titans have been admitted into the 2007 NRL Premiership. The greatest moment in recent rugby league history! A pivotal move.

Not only do the Titans represent my region but they are also a well run club, run by people I admire. I love this club from top to bottom. They even feature my old high school's colours as their colours and the Gladiator/Titan is their mascot, reminding me of the proud Valleys club. So that really appealed to me.

And in my opinion there is no greater mascot for a club playing what is known as the "gladiatorial" sport.

We have Queensland heros such as Scott Sattler and Trevor Gillmeister on our coaching staff! And let's not forget John Cartwright! I am proud to call him our 1st grade coach, remember he coached the Tomahawks agains the Kangaroos?

Their beautiful colours also are ocean blue, sunny gold and white. To represent the ocean, blue sky and beaches of the Gold Coast. I also saw the introduction of the Gold Coast as being absolutely neccessary to keep Queensland rugby league strong, we needed more than two teams, for a state of our size and rate of growth. Especially considering nearly everyone here is a mad rugby league fan, it's the #1 sport and the Broncos and Cowboys simply couldn't cater to all fans.

Working my way upwards I'm also obviously a massive Queensland Maroons fan. Our state representative team that plays New South Wales annually in the State of Origin series. Nothing makes me happier than smashing the Blues! It's one of Australia's greatest and most amazing sporting contests!

Then after the dust settles between these two rugby league super powers, the Blues and Maroons, they ally themselves to help form the ultimate team I support, the Australian Kangaroos. Our most successful national sporting teams, with the very best Australian players playing in what would be one of the world's very toughest sporting competitions.

To me the Kangaroos aren't just a representative team. They don't just represent the National Rugby League clubs. They represent all that is Australian Rugby League. From juniors all the way up to the NRL. They don't just represent the present but the glorious past and all our rugby league legends that came before. It's an incredible honour to represent the Kangaroos and wear the famous jersey. And I look forward to that most of all, when the Kangaroos play.

My pride and admiration for the famous green jersey with double golden chevrons verges on considering it a holy relic!

I am just as interested in international rugby league as I am in the National Rugby League. Infact it is the most important rugby league news to me, news that I spend all day trying to track down and discuss with other fans. I'm addicted to it.

I really respect the hard working people who are trying to spread our beautiful game around the world, I think it would be one of the toughest jobs on earth sometimes, but luckily the beauty of our game, sells itself a lot of the time. I hope in the coming years these fledgling nations can get alot more support and resources. I really think one of the key things that can help this happen is educating the Australian, British and New Zealand mainstream fanbases.

Before I go, my other interests are writing, especially screenplays, drawing, comics, filmmaking and greyhounds. I am also a huge science fiction and Nintendo fan. I'm addicted to online games such as Battlefield 1942, Day of Defeat, Warcraft III and World of Warcraft and also Starcraft, the game is fantastic and still holds up 9 years later!

Some of my favourite rugby league nations to follow are Germany, PNG, France and Wales and of course Jaimaica who I think have so very much potential!

I am also forum administrator on this fantastic forum and the RLIF forum, http://www.rlif.org

I currently study Sport and Recreation and Business Management.

My projects for the year is to learn fluent German and finish the latest draft of my science fiction script and turn it into a complete graphic novel. I am also working on a couple short films for upcoming competitions. I'll let you know how they go!



Future Star
24-05-07, 08:38 PM
Brilliant Diehard, just.. Brilliant.

Great Work, Buddy.

Old Diehard
29-05-07, 08:43 PM
Loved your story Diehard! Lot's of similiaralities here buddy! Not the least my feelings for Valleys . Can't help it as was born 1k from the Valley, went to school there and had my first beer legally in the Shamrock Hotel- A Valleys institution- witness the fact that when the old Telegraph Newpaper run a headline in the 60's that the Pope was dead- everyone at the pub was worried about who was going to play fullback that week-end! (You have to be over 50 and from Qld to get it!).

Anyway like you I'm a true beleiver and probably go see at least 1 Qld Cup game each week-end and god knows how many junior games . I enjoy watching Sydney rugby league (NRL) but I'll admit I lean towards the Gold Coast because it's been a 2nd home since my teens and Wally played there. I also like a lot of players at The Storm because I watched them play alot prior to them rising to the Sydney based NRL comp.

I am a very proud Queenslander and whilst not racist - I speak an Asian Language fairly well (kalau saya joba!) and I know people from a lot of cultures . I'm not keen on interstate migrants normally ( sorry!)- we have enough already!. Never miss an international at Lang Park ( it's the historically name not corporate!), but Queensland games rates higher for me. And obviously for a lot of others - witness the fact I can always get a ticket to the test , but State of Origin tickets are impossible to buy unless you hammer the internet for the first hour they are on sale!

Married (longer than a life sentence) and 2 (older) kids.

29-05-07, 10:52 PM
Loved your story Diehard! Lot's of similiaralities here buddy! Not the least my feelings for Valleys . Can't help it as was born 1k from the Valley, went to school there and had my first beer legally in the Shamrock Hotel- A Valleys institution

What school did you go to? Terrace? I went to school at St Columban's Albion. So you can guess why I love the Diehards! The school was disgracefully shut down and transfered to Caboolture, but in name only, the school I loved is consigned to history.

Also I drove past the Shamrock recently and they have taken the sign down and now are calling it the "Slipinn" or some garbage... :cry:

30-05-07, 04:48 PM
Also I drove past the Shamrock recently and they have taken the sign down and now are calling it the "Slipinn" or some garbage... :cry:

It's true. I walk past it every day, another institution dead and gone.

Was a good read, Diehard. So much about you we didn't know! :D

30-05-07, 05:13 PM
Just Awsome Brother.

Proud To Call You A Mate.


Old Diehard
30-05-07, 06:48 PM
Diehard , I went to a little school in the Valley called St Patricks. Every pre-season Valleys League Team had Church service there for good luck in the season. I forget the name of the Priest but he was a FVC fan and interestingly enough had the world record for push ups!

It's a shame that Shamrock is gone- it really was a Royal Blue institution, but hell the boys at Paddo must bleed for the old West's Panthers and Brothers is still hanging in there at the juniors!

I know that the Broncos get 30,000 plus at each home game but Brisbane use to get that with over 5,000 going to each of the half dozen games played locally on a week-ends prior to then!

The Foley Shield in NQ another great institution that locals up there would turn up in numbers to watch and of course their was Theiss Country V City- all and all our game has a lovely history.

I would love nothing more than seeing families returning to watch it's roots ie.play locally...Seriously a family day at local derby eg Wynnum V Ipswich Jets including tickets , burgers a coke for the kids and a beer is the same as 2 adults tickets to the NRL . That's value for agreat game!

Ya gotta love your Local Footy.