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Adelaide Titan
12-09-10, 11:59 PM
Hi everyone,

Its been a frikken long time since ive been on here....uni, soccer etc has taken priority but now that the Titans are on the verge of a Grand Final berth i thought i'd come say hello and HOPEFULLY be celebrating a Premiership with everyone on here in 3 weeks time. I couldn't believe our luck when i saw both Panthers and Tigers had gone down but i do think a home Prelim final is exactly what the Titans deserve after such a great season. Finishing 4th turned out to work wonders didnt it?

I know theres a fair few Titans fans down here in Adelaide, I have seen a few shirts in the past being worn. Me and my mate who are both Titans fans will definitely be watching the Prelim final...and hopefully the big one the week later. The thought of my team playing in a grand final brings a smile to my face, and i picture the Titans being Premiers and how i would react with hardly anyone to celebrate with!! :laugh: It would be fitting to send off such a legend in Mat Rogers with the ultimate success!

Good luck and on behalf of all Adelaide based Titans fans...



13-09-10, 12:45 PM
Ohh Yeah, loving it mate, shame you dont get a better chance of watching it, that might change soon i hope

Adelaide Titan
13-09-10, 04:59 PM
yeah definitely hope we do, at least the Grand Final is shown live here.