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    Quote Originally Posted by AliDavysStep View Post
    "I am certainly not happy about this. We are working hard to be a club that won't be bullied on the field or off the field."

    Fu**** love this Jimmy!! We’ve been crying out for this type of statement from our man in charge!
    Love it too! Really hope he stays around when Dessie comes. There's already been a big improvement with our performances since Justin left

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seaside Garbo View Post
    They may as well stop golden point and go back to a draw. In covering their **** last week, the NRL have now ensured whoever wins the toss will be able to go down field and either get an uncontested field goal (plenty of time to set and kick) or an offside penalty. If you dont win the toss your chances of winning are now very much reduced.
    Change it to the same as NFL. 10 minutes. If you score a TD in your first possession game over. If you get a field goal, play out the 10 minutes. If the other team gets a TD in their first possession game over, if not play out the 10 mintues.

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