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    Quote Originally Posted by Mexican titan View Post
    Haven't posted all year as I just kept getting sick of saying the same old things. I'm so p1ssed off after that I need to vent.
    I thought in the off season that if the trust in our spine didn't play out, we are a bottom 4 side. Try bottom 2.

    Just some observations:
    - Clarke was a poor hooker last year and this year he is no better. It appears we put all our eggs in Brandon Smith's basket and lost out. At any rate that would have been for 2023 so we had no plan b. That is poor recruitment.
    - Sexton did very little in his 4 games last year and everyone could see he was as slow as a wet weekend. He is now 11 games into his career and he has shown nothing. His kicking game is hopeless. A recruitment gamble and fail. Holbrook takes responsibility for these decisions.
    - fullback is a huge problem. Campbell in his games this year did little other than be a speed hump. He is far too small to be an NRL fullback.
    - Lui is on retirement holiday
    - Mo went backwards last year and that has continued. Ditto re comments about Wallace and Proctor.
    - some of the coaching has me stuffed. We don't come up in defence, but what really gets me is in the early sets, quite often we'll have one forward carry it in the set, followed by the usual predictable kick. Holbrook is losing me fast.
    - I like watching Fafita but no way is he worth the cash. Would be happy to let him go unless he drops his price a lot.

    Desperately need a half and hooker, but then again that's what few of us said last year. Nothing's changed and I'm sick of the excuses.
    Finally, so good to see you again MT.

    Our spine is rubbish and that was one of my major concerns at the start of the year...though I didn't expect it to be this bad. One of my main concerns at the start of the year was how inexperienced our spine was going to be, and it's clearly showing.

    And I don't mean to sound harsh to the kid but Sexton does nothing for me. He's too slow. Looks like he's running in mud. How is he ever going to pose a threat to the defensive line? You know he'll just pass and if he doesn't he won't be hard to tackle. I actually think AJ would kick on in the 6 role if he had a more accomplished half beside him directing traffic.

    Campbell at least knows when to chime in at fullback unlike Isaako, he can kick, he can pass, but as others have said his defence leaves a lot to be desired. I actually see a decent offensive skillset in him, but unfortunately defensively he is a liability. Isaako is the better defender but absolutely BALLS when it comes to our attacking structure.

    Our 9 has been an issue since we lost Friend over 10 years ago. We tried to sign a few decent hookers over the years (Nathan Peats being one who I rated highly at the time) but he never kicked on under us. And with the direction the game has gone it almost seems a necessity to have a 9 who can take a bit of pressure off the halves...they need to be able to tackle, have some zip and good ball-playing skills. I would actually say that Boyd has more of those qualities than Clarke does and I'd rather see him given a shot when fit to see how he goes there.

    I couldn't be bothered going through the rest of the team but most of them have definitely gone backwards so far this year. Our so called 'one of the best forward packs in the comp' is getting demolished every single week and if there's anyone who hasn't gone backwards this year it's probably a bloke by the name of Phil Sami, for all the crap we gave him last year.

    I could ramble on for hours but like I said, I really couldn't be bothered.

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    We need like a Tyson Frizell or a Willie Mason
    No one can break the line besides Fififa and Fermor

    Tino can't break the line

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