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    NRL New TV Deal

    NRL to reveal huge $2 billion TV deal as Channel Nine deal looms, Seven walks

    In a huge a triumph for ARLC chairman Peter V’landys, the NRL is set to announce a broadcast deal worth up to $2 billion.

    The NRL is poised to announce an historic new five-year broadcast deal with Channel 9 which could net rugby league a staggering $600m.

    News Corp can also reveal Channel 7 has walked away from broadcast negotiations.

    With Fox Sports having already committed to a deal until the end of 2027, it now appears the NRL’s new broadcast deal could be worth up to $2 billion — a triumph for ARLC chairman Peter V’landys.

    There is just one final barrier between Nine and the NRL — the cost.

    It is understood Nine has tabled a deal worth between $105m and $110m a year.

    The NRL — seeking the best deal possible — may push Nine to dig deeper and outlay $120m a year for rugby league.

    It appears certain the difference in money will be settled and a new deal could be struck and announced by the end of this month.

    The current contract with Nine expires at the end of next season, meaning the new free-to-air deal would run until the end of 2027.

    NRL executives spoke about the Nine deal at a high-powered meeting with clubs last week.

    Seven was a genuine player in the discussions but is also tied to a rich deal with the AFL until the end of 2025.

    News Corp has been told Seven wanted to pay around $30m to cover State of Origin each season. That offer has essentially been withdrawn.

    Seven had also sought to cover the Sunday 4pm match each week and had spoken about broadcasting another game each round in a share deal with Fox Sports.

    Aware their station had lost its cricket rights and their rugby union ratings were, at best, modest, Nine became anxious at Seven’s interest.

    A fear of losing the NRL has forced Nine to beef up their offer — a move which will delight Seven and the NRL.

    With the Nine deal all but done, Seven will walk away from any further negotiations and focus on its AFL coverage.

    As part of a new deal, Nine may be asked to reintroduce a midweek footy show.

    Seven and Ten had also spoken briefly about a potential share deal for matches.

    Nine submitted an initial presentation to the NRL which insiders described as underwhelming. A revised presentation was described by NRL sources as “superb”.

    In discussion with the clubs last week, V’landys said the deal wasn’t just about money and the successful station would need to help promote the game, assist in increasing participation and forge a robust partnership.

    “The price is the only thing that is outstanding at the moment — but that is progressing very well,” said one NRL club CEO. “But this is more than money. It’s about promoting the game, participation, being a partnership as well as price.

    “The game wants a partner — not somebody that is going to go and do their own thing. The NRL also wants their partner to assist them in promoting the game and help increase participation.

    “They are the four Ps – partnership, promotion, participation and price. That is what Peter V’landys told us at the club’s meeting.”

    The Seven-Fox deal was fascinating. It included Seven airing post and pre-game shows while using Fox Sports commentators to call matches.

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    Certainly never want to share product across two free to air channels and definitely not with gAyFL (with apologies to all those offended by my sporting classification).
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    So the nrl have extended the games and brought in another Brisbane team (where the media want it)gotten rid of the nrl media arm for reporting and subscription and we get the same money. To me it seems crazy. I was really hoping that seven or ten could take over from channel nine because they do a poor job.
    One more rant on the media…..why do we allow the grand final and origin to kick off so late. The next generation of kids won’t grow up watching the footy because it’s way past their bed time. That’s very shortsighted to get a few extra million compared to all the fans lost in a decade or two

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