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    Quote Originally Posted by Mexican titan View Post
    Geez mate I think you are pumping up the Eels a bit there. I thought they were ok but we were tragic. The Eels scored three tries when we had 12 and when both teams had 13 it was two tries each. I certainly wouldn't say that they were immense or even close to the Storm and Panthers.
    With us it was just the usual leaderless stuff with useless efforts from the spine, bar AJ.
    But it is the same every week - wash, rinse, repeat.
    Nah I thought they were great, Mahoney in particular. Everything they attempted came off, exemplified by Gutherson’s kick in behind the line that led to a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hail Sezer View Post
    Not to defend Clark for an average game but the bloke made 53 tackles and missed only 2. He might not be blessed with the smarts of a classy 9 but he works his ass off for the jersey and didnít stop trying behind a pack that was gassed and halves that donít know how to properly work with the ball. I get the feeling by observing his body language that he shares a similar sentiment towards our halves that we do on the forum. We still need a top tier 9 but Iím a fan of his work rate, effort and energy.
    Clarke and Fogarty still aren't on the same page and there is almost a distain from Clarke towards Fogarty. One of the failed efforts at the line happened in front of where I sit and Fogarty wanted it his side and Clarke did something else. Fogarty called him out and Clarke didn't take notice and walked on.

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    Sorry if this has already been mentioned but how about that dog act of Gutherson when he stripped Herbert of the ball while Herbert was submitting after running behind his own team mate. Never heard anything on the commentary and pretty sure they scored there to?

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