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    Quote Originally Posted by Mexican titan View Post
    I totally agree. Not throwing out our best possible team at this time of the year doesn't cut it.
    I would challenge Fifita's charge as we play the Dogs at home the week after the Panthers. If we can't beat them with whoever we have, we give it away. Not much to lose. I am also going up there so I want us to have as best chance as possible.
    We only improve by playing the best available. A good defensive effort against the Panthers will help our confidence no end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whats Doing View Post
    When the Tigers scored that last try with 12 seconds to go, he immediately blew time off for him to kick the goal. I know that the clock is stopped in the last 5 minutes after the kick at goal is attempted, but not straight away when the try is scored. I could be wrong but if I not that was also an atrocious decision as it gave the Tigers one last play from kick off which I donít believe they should have. The clear knock on from the Tigers before they scored their try was a howler.

    Klein was an absolute disaster who tried as much to get the Tigers over the line. Just disgraceful referring.
    Not sure if you just watched the Dogs vs Raiders game. Dogs scored with 30 seconds to go. Time was stopped after the try awarded (pretty much straight away). Dogs elected to take the kick. As soon as he kicked the conversion time was blown back on. When was time blown back on for us? I thought it was when we kicked it off again, not after the Tigers converted.

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