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    I would happily put Patrick Herbert on the right wing if he didn't get a centre spot purely on his goal kicking ability. I can't understand how a team can play at the elite level without an elite goal kicker. Every other sport that has goal kicking as a point scoring mechanism has specialists, so why don't we? "Hitting them well" doesn't translate to "putting them over" ... I don't think we can sacrifice on average 6 points a game if we want to compete with the big boys.

    Cam Smith kicked 84.31% in 2020 (career 75.5% from 430 games) so Bellamy’s next choice is Munster at “not too many” ... lol.

    A very good article to reinforce my point:
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    Couldn't agree more Titanic. I would like to see Patty Herbert at starting right center and have him take over kicking duties. Taylor and Fogarty both strike me as part timers, but we wouldn't want to be relying on either of them for a sideline conversion on a blustery night, in the finals.

    I wonder if we have any young kicking proteges amongst the young crop. I know young Tom Weaver kicks well, but he is a ways away yet. Does Jayden Campbell kick goals? He could be on the fast track for a wing spot.


    Titans: Ash Taylor, 68.1%
    2020 form: Ash Taylor 36/54, 66.7%; Jamal Fogarty 9/15, 60%; Patrick Herbert 3/4, 75%.

    Given both halves are recognised kickers, the Titans should be further up this list but Taylor and Fogarty have struggled to land them when required. Gold Coast finished with the worst goal-kicking percentage in the NRL in 2020.

    With the club favoured by many to push for a top eight spot in 2021, last year's ninth-place finishers can ill-afford to be leaving too many tries unconverted. Former Warriors centre Patrick Herbert has kicked at over 70% over the past two seasons but has to fend off the likes of Treymain Spry for a backline spot to be an option.
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