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    I think that is a little tough on Ash. It wasn't a million dollar performance but he gave us repeat sets and his defence was solid. Our attack just lacks direction. There is no creative spark and the go to play just seems to be kick the ball to Don. I feel that our halves take the ball too wide and run sideways which cramps our attacking players in Fafita and Kelly for room.

    There is also nobody ever pushing up in attack. We create half breaks and nobody is there.. AJ and the halves need to be in and around Peachy, Tino and Fafita not setting up the next play constantly.
    Yeah you’re right, he did get us a repeat set. I forgot about that. I don’t recall him doing much else though. Fog organises the team and does the long kicks and goal kicks. What does Ash do...?

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    If we’d won we would talking like champions ... a bit of a reality check is fine before we face the enemy ... angry pills for everyone.
    Four reasons to escape to Queensland: Sun, Surf, Sand & the Titans.

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