Hi Guys,

Been a while since I have been on here. But seeing our squad grow over the last few weeks for next season, I have been thinking constantly about who would be named in our starting 17 in Round 1 for the Titans.

Mine is:
1 AJ Brimson
2 Corey Thompson
3 Brian Kelly
4 Patrick Herbert
5 Treymain Spry
6 Ash Taylor
7 Jamal Fogarty
8 Moeaki Fotuakia
9 Mitch Rein
10 Jamin Jollife
11Kevin Proctor
12 David Fifita
13 Tyrone Peachey

14 Sam Lisone
15 Jarrod Wallace
16 Tino Faasumaleuai
17 Hermen Ese Ese

Who is in your starting 17 as of now?