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    Perfectly said mate

    Quote Originally Posted by Mexican titan View Post
    Just got home and expected to seepages of posts after that. Where is everyone or are we all still in shock.
    Best performance in years. Unbloodybelievable.

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    Shock probably MT.
    It’s been a fantastic night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bods View Post
    Shock probably MT.
    Itís been a fantastic night.
    Yep. I donít think anything I can say will do justice to how much appreciation I have for how Holbrook has this team playing and how much they have improved. Itís nice to have genuine hope and seeing how much these players are enjoying playing and bringing success to this club is so wholesome.

    On another note, itís so cool seeing how many peoples 2nd team we have become this season. Fans from a bunch of different teams are loving the way we play.

    Long way to go and lots to improve on but weíre heading in the right direction and have exceeded all my expectations for 2020.

    Bring on 2021
    "My god I am shredded. I can't believe I got to this point in my life where literally every person that sees me is saying words like "mirin" and "arnie, that you?". It's boring, sure. But it's part of my life."-DavidBouveng

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    Gonna suck not watching anymore games after the way we've been playing, guess time to follow the storm now and hope they make the gf but lose and we get one of the Smiths now

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    One of the highlights was the commentator on Fox. "Who wouldn't want a season ticket next year to watch football like this"
    Lose = Not win.
    Loose = Not tight.

    It's not that hard!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdrew View Post
    I will be able to live off that win for the entire off-season.
    Same goes mate. I hope everybody at the game had a great time. Itís been a great season!

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    well blow me down if Ash didn’t play like a million dollar player tonight. His swift shifts to Kelly outside his man have given us so many breaks this year, it’s a beautiful thing.

    AJ is an absolute elite talent,

    and when was the last time a winger had FOUR try assists? Spry has the softest hands for a big guy, his tap ups last week for intercepts showed me he had a nice touch, but I didn’t think he’d progress this far in a week. Incredibly excited now about what he could be.

    top marks across the board and we just have to fit Herman, Tino, Fifi, Thompson, Joliffe, Fermor back in....

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    I know he doesn't get a lot of wraps but stone defensively was outstanding tonight. In fact they all were.

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    Any idea what it’s like being in China and having to watch from afar? Well I can tell you as much as I miss not being there I am rejoicing in reading all your comments. Thanks everybody for making a good season great.
    Four reasons to escape to Queensland: Sun, Surf, Sand & the Titans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bods View Post
    Peach had a run in with Barnett in the 2nd half when we had the ball & he looked like he may throw one but thought better of it & I made the comment of something just pissed the Peach off

    - - - Updated - - -

    Brilliant way to end the season with a demolition of a team in the hunt to win a competition..

    AJ & Taylor were Slater & Cronk like last night, pure class & the whole team played near mistake free exciting footy & the way Holebrook is coaching them is making everyone talk about us for the right reasons and I think Chris Knell & his membership team will be in for a very busy time when 2021 Memberships go on sale

    Probably the best team performance I’ve seen from the boys in the past 10 years @ Skilled

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    I had my 07 jersey on and was jumping around and yelling, haven't felt that good in a long time. This team has been reborn under Hollbrook and I hope that they continue to improve in the off season.
    Bring on 2021.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bods View Post
    Interesting to see if the NRL does anything about this. Peachey didn't make it formal on the ground may be a way for them to turn a blind eye, however you can't give "fans" a lifetime ban for racial vilification and do nothing when it happens on the field.

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    Not sure how many people saw it but Kevvie told AJ in the post game interview that he’ll be in the QLD squad, said something along the lines of “don’t make plans for November because you’ll be busy.” Just thinking about it have we EVER had a backline player in state of origin? The only non forward origin player I can think of for us was Prince? Brimmo is the most exciting player we’ve had in a loong time and I can’t wait to see him get better and better

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