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    I do rate Holbrook but we are going sideways far too much before we go forward. Also I would like Holbrook concentrate on developing a harder edge in our team. We just don’t win any of the collisions which is why we are getting murdered in the middle. Madge has continued to change the mindset of the Tigers which overall is a fairly average team but their intensity and dominating the ruck and collisions against the Drongoes is something I wish Holbrook concentrated on rather than looking pretty moving the ball sideways which is not getting us anywhere
    I tend to agree with this post WD. I like the way that Holbrook handles himself and he has shown that he is prepared to back up his talk with tough changes but I feel like we play far too deep and wide and don’t attack the middle enough. Its the Same style that Brennan tried to implement and it didn’t work. I don’t know whether it is a relic of his coaching or something that Holbrook is also trying to implement

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    I think Holbrook has identified we lack the punch needed to get over the gain line in the middle with our current forwards and has tried to build a plan to go around than through. It seems to work, we do gain those extra meters on the fringes. Hopefully when we add some strike forwards it will straighten them up in the years to come.

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