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    The new rule changes makes Wallace, Boyd and Whitbred even more irrelevant in the game. Under the new rules players who lack mobility and lateral movement are a liability.

    The new rules have put us further behind all of the other teams and we have to be realistic that even Bellamy cannot do anything with the current team. They are just not NRL standard and we will get blown off the park in more games than not under the new rules.
    I can't agree more with this. It was my main concern going into the game how our bench would go and my worst fears were realised. Boyd and Wallace are done. They should not take the field again. Maybe farmer and definitely fermor(when he is fit) should slot in nicely. Holbrook has a decision to make now. Keep playing a side that obviously has a losing culture or start trying Combos for next year and sweep the floor of the trash. I don't really care now for this year, time to be strategic for next.

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    I’m not completely done with Wallace. He has had a shocking start to this season and single handedly destroyed any chance we had against the Raiders with those errors. That said, he has been one of our best for a few years now, and I think he could come good again. He needs to start with Mo though. We can’t have Wallace, Boyd and Whitbread all coming off the bench because others have said, they don’t have the mobility.

    I am completely done with Boyd and Roberts though.

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    And on carty, I think he will be an asset in attack with the new rules by an absolute liability in defence. Difficult decisions for Holbrook.

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    One mobile middle (Jolliffe) on the bench, two mobile back rows (Carty and Farmer/Fernor/Whitbread) and a utility/hooker (Peachy/T. Boyd/Clark) for mine. Bye-bye Wallace, S. Boyd, Roberts and Don) soon to be followed by Taylor and Sammi.
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    When is fermor going to be getting a run?

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