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    Who do you replace Wallace with?
    Spongebob Squarepants
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    that was brutal.

    the defence actually held for a long long time before cracking and it totally broke their spirit, but its their own fault so im not making excuses.

    ball control was disgusting.

    Only players i think could hold head up high was Arrow and Sami who isn't a fullback but was still giving it all.

    Rein has won the battle over the highly paid 'name' player peats... and then totally shat himself on the big stage when he gets his chance.

    Luge Page has more heart in his little finger than most of our pack.

    Roberts is the ultimate passenger right now.

    no need to stay negative, but Holbrook has to decide how long he is 'with the players' and when he needs to start social distancing himself from them for his own careers sake and make the tough calls.

    Finish with 2 positives

    - when we DID hold the ball, we made huge metres up the middle when trying to make yeards. strong running with a support player for a tip on, or pass out the back was braining them until we started dropping it,

    - line speed, intensity, and numbers in tackles seem a huge improvement this year, almost to a fault. i wonder if that level of 'attack' defence is gassing the boys.

    anyways, wish they never started this season, and the ONLY silver lining is that Holbrook has seen the difference between good training and our piss poor efforts in the real games, and can work hard on it before the next round.

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