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    Thanks JB
    Any news of the Drongoes suffering always warms my soul

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdrew View Post
    Just a heads up, the Titans have five of the best young Coombabah SHS Open rugby league players under contract, including, in my opinion the best of the Coombabah halves, the same young man who is the Coombabah SHS rugby league captain.
    That is great to hear mate. Thank you.
    #TitansThruNThru #WeAreReady

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    From 7 News:

    UPPING THE ANTE: Titans make another move on David Fifita

    The Titans have again upped their offer for David Fifita and are now in the box seat to snare the NRL’s most sought after signing.

    Gold Coast have made a three-year $3.2 million dollar offer for the 20-year-old to join them from next season.

    The Broncos have also extended their offer to three years but are around $800,000 short of the Titans contract.

    The rampaging backrower will decide his future this weekend.

    Fifita had wanted a one-year deal so he could move to a different management group at the end of 2021 and then sign a long-term contract.

    However, it’s understood Fifita is now set to reach a settlement with his current manager and sign a three-year deal.

    The Titans had suggested to Fifita they could sign him on a $1.25 million one-year deal but that wasn’t possible so they extended the years on the contract instead.

    Fifita has been torn over his decision. He has a large family to provide for but also close friends at the Broncos he doesn’t want to leave.

    The Broncos will not match the Titans offer and are losing confidence he will stay.

    He has not signed any deal yet but will in the next 72 hours, an announcement is expected on Monday.
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    This makes me feel a lot better if it’s a 3 year deal. A lot more security.

    Sign that contract Fifi

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    compared to whats been mentioned before i’d be stoked with that contract, 1.06m isn’t crazy money like 1.25. Plus 3 years is a great length for us, theres no risk of him just going back to the Broncos after a year, and if things don’t work out and hes not worth the money we’re not stuck for 5 years.

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    Yeah CG has made it sound like we’ve increased our offer again but the numbers he’s used look a lot more sensible.

    Shock horror, the 1.25m was made up.

    Either way I’m glad this entire saga is coming to an end soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hail Sezer View Post
    Yeah CG has made it sound like weve increased our offer again but the numbers look a lot more sensible. Either way Im glad this entire saga is coming to an end soon.
    Journos play fast and loose with contract length, contract total value, and annual value. They rely on the general public not being able to do basic arithmetic and actively go out of their way to deceive for clicks. It's why they are increasingly disliked and distrusted.

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    Broncos cheerleader Chris Garry just updated again to say it’s expected Fifita to Titans will be announced Monday. Let’s hope so!

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    Damn, that would be great news. Meninga haters might need to eat crow.

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    Increased to 3.5 million in an hour lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TitansState View Post
    Increased to 3.5 million in an hour lol.
    I'll give you an explanation for that, it's written by our mate Pete Badel

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    Titanic coup from Mal.

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    David Fifita contract: Titans increase offer to 3-year $3.5m deal
    The Titans are one step closer to poaching their marquee man David Fifita from the Broncos, increasing their offer once again to a staggering new three-year deal.

    Peter Badel, Travis Meyn, The Courier-Mail
    Subscriber only
    July 24, 2020 4:24pm

    The David Fifita tug of war has exploded with the Titans ramping-up their poaching raid by tabling a new, three-year $3.5 million deal in an aggressive bid to steal the superstar back-rower from the Broncos.

    News Corp can reveal the Titans have increased their offer from a one-year contract to a beefed-up three years in an attempt to secure Fifita until the end of 2023.

    But the Broncos have hit back. Having learned of the Titans’ club-record three-year offer, Brisbane’s recruitment-and-retention committee are up for the fight and have told the Fifita camp they will match the term, if not the money, of Gold Coast’s upgraded bid.

    And in another significant development to the biggest contractual spat in the NRL, it is understood Fifita is now open to signing a longer-term deal beyond a 12-month arrangement.

    But the Queensland Origin forward is also mindful of the dangers of inking a one-year deal and the contractual vulnerability if he was to suffer a serious injury that threatened his long-term future in the game.

    A three-year deal gives Fifita more security — and the Titans have come to the party.

    It is understood Gold Coast’s upgraded offer is worth $1.25 million next season, which is then scaled back to $1.1 million for the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

    It is a unique financial arrangement. Most NRL contracts are back-ended deals, but the Titans’ offer to Fifita is front-ended in a bid to lure him to the Gold Coast for 2021 with a view to providing more balance in their salary cap for the following seasons.

    In any event, the reduced terms would still place Fifita in the code’s top 10 salary earners and dwarf the three-year package the Broncos can afford under the salary cap.

    Brisbane hierarchy will not budge on their offer of $700,000 for next season, but they would be prepared to raise Fifita’s salary to $800,000 in 2022 and $900,000 the following year.

    Over the three-year period, Fifita would sacrifice around $1 million by staying loyal to the Broncos.

    It is a huge financial consideration and that explains why the 20-year-old has retreated in the past fortnight to discuss his options with his mother Gwen and a financial adviser.

    The Broncos have heard nothing official from Fifita but club insiders say the Maroons ace was in high spirits and more relaxed at training on Tuesday — giving Brisbane fresh confidence he will not walk out on the club.

    Broncos prop Matt Lodge turned his back on richer contacts to stay loyal but says he won’t be pressuring Fifita to follow suit.

    “A few of us have been loyal staying here for less money but the deal Dave has got has been incredible from the Titans,” he said.

    “If he takes it, we will still be friends, but it’s the best deal in the NRL in the country so it’s hard to knock that back.

    “Dave has to make his own decision. It’s all on him, I won’t try and advise him either way.

    “Obviously I would love him to stay, but only Dave can make the decision he is comfortable with. He is a big boy and he will make his own call.

    “It can be seen as a bad thing to be in a tough position where you can’t decide, but that’s what you work for in this game, to have good healthy deals on the table and whatever Dave decides, I will be happy for him.”
    #TitansThruNThru #WeAreReady

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    Surely he can’t say no. I’m they have again said that he is likely to go to the titans and that an announcement will be named in the next 72 hours but we have all heard that bull**** several times before

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    Wow thank good we have Mal to offer $200k per season more than our nearest competitor and we still can’t get a straight answer and that’s using the conservative contract figures. Forgive me if I don’t pull Mals pants down and thank him for his amazing negotiating skills.

    What am I missing? The work experience kid could negotiate contracts if its only about $$$$$$

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