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    Quote Originally Posted by JunctionBlock View Post
    We should change our hash tag to #thruandthru to #cantwinthemall or #cantwinmorethanfour
    I think thru and thru is appropriate. "I am thru with this team" or "oh look, they let them thru the defensive line without being touched yet again".

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    With Dogs and St Merge winning today that Spoon is absolutely ours now.
    There ought to Be a fan day where we can throw fruit at the players and footy department

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bods View Post
    With Dogs and St Merge winning today that Spoon is absolutely ours now.
    There ought to Be a fan day where we can throw fruit at the players and footy department
    The only way we can avoid it now is if we win all four of our next games, and Bulldogs or St George lose all of their next games. Highly unlikely though with the run home we have

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    Dear me,

    The club made some positive steps forward over the weekend, and not just on the field of play against the Dragons.

    While we would have all preferred to have left Jubilee Oval with the two points, and it is hard to be too upbeat in a game where the opposition put 40 points on us, I think we can all agree that there were some very positive signs in the way that the Titans approached their footy in attitude and execution.

    Confidence is a wonderful thing in rugby league, and for most of the year the Titans have been running on an empty tank when it comes to self-belief.

    But the quality of the some of the tries we scored on the weekend showed what this team is capable of when they back themselves and enjoy their footy.

    Kevin Proctor’s try just before halftime was a great example of confidence, execution and composure.

    The Titans attacked from their own 20-metre line, executed well and took the right options.

    Instead of trying to force things and coming up with a mistake when the movement broke down, they took the tackle, regrouped, assessed their options and executed well on the other side of the field.

    Phil Sami’s first try in the 50th minute was the result of the Titans working hard for an error, and making the most of their chance.

    The try-scoring movement went through nine sets of hands. There was no panic, just an awareness of what the situation was and where the ball needed to get to.

    Sami’s second try in the 63rd minute showed the trust between teammates, with Bryce Cartwright taking on three defenders and throwing a no-look, round-the-corner pass.

    Phil knows Bryce has the ability to throw those passes in seemingly impossible situations, and stayed alert and in the play just in case – when the easy thing would have been to switch off and wait for the tackle to be completed.

    Bryce trusted that Phil would be there to catch it, and backed his belief in his teammate.

    And the Titans’ final try, to Ryley Jacks in the 64th minute, showed how good this team can be when everyone does their job and trusts the man beside them to do theirs.

    On the first set of six after a try, the Titans went the length of the field to score again, with individual brilliance backed up by the trust and support from teammates to turn half a chance into six points.

    With 20 minutes to go, the Titans were 20 points behind. But by being resilient, having trust in each other and having pride in their jersey, they were back within eight points and a chance of stealing the match just five minutes later.

    Ultimately, it was our lack of accountability in defence that cost the Titans the win.

    But the fact this team refused to lie down against the Dragons, or because of their position on the ladder late in the season, shows me we have players here made of the right stuff to take this club to where we want to be.

    Our other big leap forward on the weekend was the confirmation that Toby Sexton has signed with the Titans for the next three years.

    Toby is a Gold Coast kid who went to school at Palm beach Currumbin, and is the Queensland Under-18s five-eighth and an Australian Schoolboys representative.

    He is a brilliant young talent with a bright future that the Titans can build around in the years to come.

    More than that, Toby is also a symbol of what we want the Titans to become – a club built around the best players from our own backyard who are emotionally invested in our community and the club.

    Given Toby’s talents it was no surprise that he was pursued heavily by rival clubs. That he chose to come to the Titans is proof that our systems and direction are on the right track.
    Toby is the type of Gold Coast junior that probably would have been lost to the club in the past.

    Those days are gone. As painful as the results have been this year, believe me when I say this club continues to get stronger every day.

    We will be announcing more positive news in the days and weeks ahead – more significant steps forward in our journey to becoming the club we all want the Titans to be.

    Mal Meninga

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    More depressing than the game.
    Four reasons to escape to Queensland: Sun, Surf, Sand & the Titans.

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    "Dear me" indeed

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