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    Quote Originally Posted by Hail Sezer View Post
    Watkins looks like he could make it here if a good coach knows how to use him...some athleticism and class there no doubt

    Mo great..otherwise not much to like..

    ARM 132 meters Second most of the backs.
    PCM 31 meters
    TB 1
    TKLS 22
    MTKL 1

    Agree with HS Could be a good buy for us. Solid first up hit out.

    Mo continues to amaze me and becoming my most admired player.
    On the field for 46 minutes
    ARM 186 Most of any forward and more than 5 other forwards put together.
    PCM 58 meters
    TB 3
    TKLS 35
    MTKL 3

    So some degree Mo’s stats are somewhat embarrassing as to the low work rate or effectiveness of the other forwards.
    JWal ran for 164 and Whitbread third at 99 meters.
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    Who was it?

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    AJ was finding his NRL feet at FB and should never be moved. Gordon gets Dons wing and Taylor comes back. Peachey to the bench.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JunctionBlock View Post
    Who was it?

    It was our very own Upthetits but he didnít just throw it on the field he threw it at the mascot

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    Club should feel ashamed that long time fans are walking away, don’t blame you Upthetits and he won’t be the last one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BundyTitan View Post
    Club should feel ashamed that long time fans are walking away, don’t blame you Upthetits and he won’t be the last one.
    I've had enough of every off season offering false hope, however I'll stick with them to a small degree. I'll be downgrading from western Titanium at $1100 to a GA 4 game pass at less than a third of the cost. I'll be back full time when the players show some pride and effort but I will not be holding my breath.

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    My dad also cancelled his membership after last nights game (props to him he lasted longer than I did) being in Central Queensland in the heart of donkeys and cowboys territory it is hard enough supporting this team. Let alone the thousands invested in trips down to watch this team play. This team doesnt give 2 ****s about its fans so why give them a single cent anymore. Its sad to see players like Mo bust their **** week in and week out and be stuck with a supporting cast who cant even do the bare minimum to collect their paycheck. This club has a disease and if its not sorted out very soon then we wont be around anymore. Given the last few games you would think players would be showing they are keen to buy in but id be flat out picking 5 players who deserve their jersey and spot in the team.

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    I thought Watkins looked classy....but small. didnt seem ot make much impact with his body, so he will need a team that provides space for him to use his guile rather than running over people.

    Mick Gordon is almost done for me. great bloke yes, but he drops too many bombs for a fullback and just seems to be hurting more than helping when i am watching.

    MO is a freak, and Jwall was Enormous in a beaten team. Wallace and Mo and should be heavily commended for how hard they have been working when others seem to have turned it up. as a funny aside, ive never seen someone so good at regathering their own charge down just to comically lose it after pumping out a 50m run. he lost it other night, did same a few weeks ago when he was brought to ground after 40m, and also earlier in season he sort of knocked on / make a huge break for a try that got called back. but he seems to have it on a string for the actual knock down and regather rather than spraying it like most charge downs.

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    Watkins is listed at 100 kg on Wikipedia. Not small for a centre by any stretch but agree that he looks like a player who relies on guile rather than sheer physicality. If he can defend well and provide a bit of leadership then he could be a great buy irrespective of attacking ability. Am keen to see more of him as he settles in. He's with us until the end of 2021 I believe.

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    I thought he showed a bit of class.

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    Agreed that he looked really classy and held onto a couple of shocking passes. Plus will take him a few weeks at least to look comfortable.

    I suppose we have BK as the brute strength and tackle break guy and then Watkins on the other side with his brains and experience. Best of both worlds.

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    Just need some good wingers now, we should be scouting Fiji to find the next radrada or sivo, we really lack a big strong fast gamebreaking winger

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    Sorry but disagree GCTTSD. While I would love to have a tackle busting winger like Radradra, Vunivalu, Sivo or Koroibete, I don't think we have the support structures or personnel in place to help them adapt. Perhaps in future once we are settled and more stable but right now I think you either need a strong system like Melbourne or a coach like Brad Arthur.

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