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    Didn't watch the game. Turned it on to listen in the background, Wallace gave a dumb penalty again, so I switched it off.

    I have seen through the tough times on this forum when people still passionately argued for change and improvement but it seems that after the high expectations at the start of the season many and I am finally over it.

    I have switched my interest to the Storm and now a bit to the Broncos, since the Cowboys are very boring and ordinary this year, because of the Broncos young team and Bennett gone.

    When the Titans get their on field act together I am sure to get interested again. I was upset when Henry was ditched because of a stinking tail wagging the dog, but Brennan, who seems a decent bloke, hasn't come up with the goods.

    Have circumstances conspired against him? Early injuries, mental ill health of his key man, under performing and over paid squad? Still, a coach has a responsibility to bring the best out of the personnel they have, so no loss if he goes.

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    This wasnt a first grade team out there. There is a complete lack of effort, pride in your performance and respect for the jersey from a number of player. Something as simple as Roberts kicking a 40/20 and not a SINGLE team mate running up and congratulating him or showing any enthusiasm means no one gives a **** anymore and well this team can just **** right off. Glad I cancelled my membership and as a fan I will always percivere with this club til the bitter end but they will continue to not get a cent from me until things change.

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