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    Default Top 20 Reasons to Support the Titans Regardless of Team Performance

    Haven't posted for a while but I have been following the forum with continued interest regardless. It is worth noting that we have some very passionate people on this forum (which is great) and the emotions shared can be rather bipolar at times and very emotive...this is particular so as we all want to support a winning club. However at any one time there could be a myriad of reasons why we may not be achieving as we would like the team to do so (however having 2 straight wins does help) and sometimes our kicking stones down the street attitude can have a negative impact for the club.

    Mal outlined in his email during the week that there really is a bigger picture outside performance with a crossroads quickly approaching for the city of the Gold Coast. I have no doubt that our local club could disappear from NRL landscape without some change from negativity to positivity and support to grow for our local team...regardless of performance (although I acknowledge winning does help significantly).

    Therefore after reading Mal's email and reflecting I propose to the forum that we create the TOP 20 Reasons to Support the Titans Regardless of Team Performance so that we focus on and understand the bigger picture of why we need the Gold Coast Titans to be well supported here on the Gold Coast.

    To get into the spirit I am posting my Top 20 reasons in no particularly order and encourage others to share their reasons why we need to persevere through the struggle of supporting our local in my opinion there is a BIGGER picture to supporting a local team apart from performance. Fell free to add and remove from my list.

    We need to support our local team because:
    - $160 million of our taxes went into building Cbus Stadium and it would be a shame for it to become a white ghost
    - supporting the nearest team other than the Gold Coast Titans is the Brisbane Broncos and they're not local
    - it doesn't involve Fortnite, Minecraft, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat
    - our club is community-based and inclusive (eg. disabilities, Indigenous)
    - Mal said so and no one argues with Mal
    - kids get to play footy on the ground post-game
    - who wants to travel to Brisbane to watch regular high quality rugby league
    - it took the City of Gold Coast 9 years to get the footy back (NRL club) on the Gold Coast after they killed the Gold Coast Chargers
    - we have 6,500 rugby league juniors in the Gold Coast catchment that deserve a local pathway to the NRL
    - it allows you to be tribal with judgement
    - our juniors get to play in the middle of the stadium (at halftime) creating lifelong memories
    - it is a great excuse to catch up with mates/friends
    - it gets you out of the house
    - you get to legally scream at people you don't know personally
    - your love of rugby league can be shared with your children leaving a legacy/memories when your gone
    - there is no better feeling than when our local team beats the Brisbane Broncos
    - the Gold Coast is not Brisbane
    - the back of house team at the Gold Coast Titans are filled with high-quality people working hard to make this club successful
    - our games are great for businesses to network
    - if we lose our local team we will regret it
    - supporting AFL (although it is a great game too) is not the same as supporting Rugby League

    I personally do not want to think about the possibility of losing the Gold Coast Titans as I love the game and I remember the struggle to get the team here again after the Chargers demise. We need to be positive regardless of how the team performs whilst acknowledging we all want to have a winning team...anyone else up to the challenge to share their wisdom why we need to support the Gold Coast Titans regardless of Team Performance by adding/removing from my list?

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    1999-2006 totally sucked not having a GC team to support. I don’t ever want winter weekends on the Coast to be like that again

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    You live here or moved here so support your local team!

    The Broncos suck this year so swap allegiances to the city you LIVE in.

    I'd think people that have chosen the Titans as their team after moving interstate etc would be the best people to hear from. I was born here so when there was no GC team I just enjoyed rugby league with no allegiance to anyone team with the exception of the Maroons.

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    I grew up on the Coast, moved away for education and playing but now I’m back 30% of time.

    Hammer’s post is exceptional but needs to be given some shape so that it becomes the backbone of membership’s ideology. I like it all but what I’d love to see on there is what we don’t have and that’s a rallying point (other than home games) such as more events and/or an appealing venue to call home.
    Four reasons to escape to Queensland: Sun, Surf, Sand & the Titans.

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