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    ^^^^ By Sacking Brennan
    Yeah but mate we've gone through 3 coaches and haven't seen any difference whatsoever, yes we were better under Henry in 2016 but the other years around that we were bottom 4 and even in 2016 we probably were lucky to make finals. Sacking Brennan is a great start but who do we bring in? Toovey would be a good option but that's if he's even keen and if we can even afford to get him. Also can we even afford to pay out Brennan considering some smart man behind the scenes extended his contract?

    I feel like part of it is the players too. Most players that come here seem to come here to either retire on a decent pay packet, or players come here and get worse. To me, there is no pride in those players wearing the jersey, the players don't care. Even though Parramatta and the Knights have been terrible, when their players pull on their jerseys I'm sure it is with pride. For us it looks like the players don't really care and aren't giving an ounce of effort. Even Big Mal's aura can't pump them up and get them going it seems.

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    Stop long term contracts for starters. It's just a lazy accounting and salary cap officers that offers 5 year contracts. Never have and never will be good for the club. If you don't want to come here and play for your money every 2-3 years then we don't want you no matter what your name is.

    Look at what's happened with Wallace when we offered him 5 years, dare I mention the horse whisperer. B Cartwright, Taylor the list goes on and on. These guys get their pay day through to their retirement and then go into cruise mode.

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    Iíve slept on it, got up early and driven to Eumundi heading for Fraser. Iíll be at CBus next week and the week after because Iím a Titans supporter and not some blow-in like Peachey, Boyd or Cartwright. Iíll think about selections once I get the missus back on board (itís her birthday).
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    Toovey said on NRL 360 he’s prepared to speak to any club

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