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    Just watched the press conference. I think Brennan is just as disappointed as the rest of us. He was asked about Taylor and commented on what he thought he could have done better (considering this is the same coach that said Bryce had a good game two weeks in a row when he obviously wasn't).

    As for Rein. I honestly thought he was our best on field. Arrow had to sub out early due to his PCL injury (how he is playing is beyond me) so Rein came on early and busted the Knights up the middle on numerous occasions. He was up in the faces of the Knights every defensive set too. Bods, firstly, hope all is well or getting better with you outside of the forum, secondly if Cartwright starts playing footy again there is no reason he couldn't be an 18. In the second row rotation and there for the utility value he had a few years back.

    I see Seagulls got flogged on the weekend. I haven't checked any of the sites but does anyone have any idea what happened and how our feeder players went?

    Great to meet you all (that were there) on Saturday at Parklands too. Pleasure was all mine.

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    ^^^ thanks JB for the kind words. Am a bit envious of this Parkwood scene you lads have. I’m at Currumbin and it’s just too far. Not worth it given I can’t have some beers. We want to win some more games for morale and to avoid the spoon BUT Is it worth it now to play busted up players like Arrow???
    Maybe we should let him and others get their operations so they are ship shape for the next pre-season.

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