"The Border Rugby League last night confirmed that the competition would go into recess for the 2018 season due to only two clubs being able to form a committee to affiliate to play. The committee confirmed that discussions would commence in mid 2018 to determine if a competition is viable in 2019. It is a very sad day indeed, but after numerous attempts by two clubs to attempt to form new committees, they were of the opinion that would not be able to participate.

At this point in time Tenterfield Tigers will be looking to move back into the NSW Group 19 second division competition in 2018.

The Stanthorpe Gremlins will now commence enquiries with the Toowoomba Rugby League to join their second division competition in 2018.

The BRL wishes both clubs the best in 2018 in continuing to play rugby league in neighbouring competitions and also with both clubs preparing to celebrate 100 years of rugby league being played in their communities in 2018.

Please consider volunteering with your local club if you have the time and hopefully the BRL will be able to reform in 2019."