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    Haven't seen the game, haven't read comments. but 49 miss tackles? Really!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JunctionBlock View Post
    Problem is that the Titans won't be looking for a FB cause they have someone with two years to run on his contract. The problem is what is he going to cost us in terms of re-signing developmental players in the U20's in the meanwhile. I think there is a thread regarding the options for hooker and the rumours are Mitch Rein.
    yeah your right, i know us all talking of new FBs isnt really going to change anything.

    the discussion is more about our mythical world where we have some say in what we need to improve

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    It was a great effort. Henry, Canavan and even Annesley are building something now. I'm
    Seeing marvellous resilience and culture being built. Just go with it. We were pretty unlucky today too with decisions and non-decisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidBouveng View Post

    i think thats harsh considering what Henry is working with. He has an honest bunch of footballers. id be surprised if any coach in the NRL could get any more out of them than Henry is. they are a hugely improved team and our halves had played 5 games combined before today. neither of them were considered our starting halves before the pre season.

    If people cant see this a three year build or so then i cant help you.
    Oh, I can see the build. I just think the build would have been quicker had we gone after, and got, the Walker Bros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrels View Post
    No it actually makes sense. the ref called a try for sharks against us and it was a try. they called a no try in the newcastle game and it was a no try. guess they are just listening to the refs now, why send it up in the first place.
    My point is that it shouldn't be up to the ref if he sends it "upstairs" ... he should just rule on what he sees or have no comment and send it up.

    Those two instances were the same ... the same except for the referees who wouldn't make a decision but in the end did make the decision because of "lack of evidence" from the guys with a million camera angles and the benefit of hindsight ... that is just plain wrong, nonsensical and a waste of time.
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    Just a few little points that I noticed.

    Not a terrible loss I just felt that we lacked the experience half at times however the halves that played today did a good job. Next week at home we need to have a win to stay in touch with the top eight.

    Barbas try where was the FB??

    Three backrowers McQueen, Taia and Bird. Always cleaning up a fair bit. Do a lot of work on and off the ball.

    Friend awesome.
    Greg Bird report rubbish. Simultaneous pass / tackle.
    Need to arrest slow starts.
    Nene looks like he's too heavy but has good speed.
    Pulu. Good contact. Work in progress.
    Zilly two passes that went to ground to no one.
    ATAY deft kicks doing well.
    Cullen good hustle good first game. As others said maybe a good bench hooker option.

    Hoffman struggling for form needs a big game.
    Outside backs lacked punch.
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    Well good game we were in it again bad call on sharks first tackle but we cant keep blaming the ref we should of won anyway.
    I only seen highlights but so i not see the Zillman line break but did see was Zillman not there in cover when Feki score was no where in sight and again when fifita score he not there for the kick
    He did a good job on Homles and was unlucky there If its so important to play Zillman put him on the wing
    Macdonald is a center and had a good game nearlly got barba leave him there and top the meter gained for our team
    I not sure what up with Don maybe he is worried if he does something wrong he get replaced next game
    Hoffman wants to be FB so he just doesnt care about how he plays
    The Forwards are all good but Shillington had a shocker Titans need to have a hard look at missed tackle count of today's game 47
    that is a under 8 stat not NRL standard

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    I was disappointed with the loss as we looked a fair chance during the second half of getting the win.
    However to put it all in perspective we are in a rebuilding phase, with plenty of cap space for the future, with a team of (well picked) journeymen, some fresh faces who have really impressed, playing out of a tin shed at Burleigh and still without a home.
    We have turned the corner and there seems to be plenty of upside with the current roster.
    We need to start giving some credit to Annesley, Henry, and their team as the improvement from last year (on and off the field) has been substantial.

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    We could've won that one with any previous team that has been named this year. But because someone is hell bent on bringing one player back into the squad that plays a completely different game to the rest of the squad, that game got away from us. Now I'm not wholly and solely laying blame at Zillman's feet, but his injection into the squad is crippling us.

    One thing that ****ted me the most yesterday happened late in game, is the lack of effort put into the tackle (yes, turnstile tackling that Titanic makes mention of regularly) when Fifita ran at him, Friendy seen it and took chase and brought the man down by himself just before the posts. I don't give a **** what others think, but the Hooker or other positions shouldn't have to do the Fullbacks job. If it was Meady or even Hoffman they would've at least had a crack at slowing him up. Fortunately as it was, the play got called back.

    So yeah, I'm not so quick to dump praise on Henry just yet, when we could've won that one with our usual squad.

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    Mortimer's injury was way worse than I thought....

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    The first 7 50/50 calls went against us........ The 7th being Ennis picking up an unconscious Friend. (Thats a penalty in any sport)

    7-0, on this occasion getting off to a slow start wasnt entirely the Titans fault, they hung in there well.

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    Watching the replay in a 'calmer" state of mind and a few extra thoughts.

    -That Barba try to start was so clearly a knock on its not funny.

    -I loved what i saw from Cullen. He has serious pace and he attacks the line like I wish ash would do a little bit more.

    -We completely went to sleep for 20 minutes in the second half where we were coming off our line and sharks were chewing up 10-15m a carry.

    -Don and Hoffman just dont offer much for me would much rather see Davis come back in. Nene is a complete enigma. Still really poor reads in defence which I thought he would get better with this year.

    -Zilly. Shouldnt of been Fullback but showed enough in his runs that he at least deserves centre if he has to be in the team. some good strong tackles and runs just not fullback material. Interesting to see if he improves with a few more games.

    -Our forwards. Bird was immense. Should be our captain. leads by examples. All the others were strong and Pulu was my pick off the bench.

    -Friend is a beast. Watching him play the last 60 shows how fit and vital he is to our defence.

    All in all we missed too many tackles and had some dud calls against us to win but we gave it a damn good shake. am loving what im seeing and if you asked me if you thought id feel this way during the pre-season id say HELL NO. Keep it going boys

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    I know most here love to hate Zillman, and I agree that Mead should be fullback, but on last nights efforts, he at least deserves to take Hoffman's spot...
    We have the Mead, the Mead for speed!!!

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    For all the positive thoughts this year. It is just that we come from such a low base of expectation. Given the team's limitations, this game was a massive lost opportunity. The competition is fierce and the good teams will improve so what will be the difference between a contender and an also ran is the ability to win close games

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    my thoughts

    zilly wasnt that bad, seems to fit into our attacking plays better than mead but online defense positioning needs work.....
    hoffy defense is improving
    birdy plays at 110%
    cullen looks good

    --- but we need to improve our long kicking game and learn to put on pressure

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