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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Tbh I think people expect too much from dt, he had some really strong runs without pushing the offload.
    I agree with everyone who said we just ran out of troops and petrol. You could see at the ground the Warriors big boys were just wearing us down and the repeated sets they kept getting were going to kill us.

    As for Dave Taylor he was quite pathetic today. I made a point of watching him and he was out of puff very quickly and often the last one back in the attacking line if the Warriors kicked deep. Made a few runs and looks impressive because of his size but all too few. I would punt him back to QCup and leave him there and play blokes who want to be here. No team can tolerate highly paid blokes who might put in one good game in six.

    He must be either a dumb or arrogant bludger because Tallis, Meninga, Henry etc have been on his case for a season or two now and he either doesn't get it or doesn't care. He will retire and wake up one day and realise he just wasted his career.

    Rant over and other than Taylor I thought the effort was ok in trying circumstances. Douglas again was super for us.

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    Managed to get to the game - was cold, especially as some bloke slipped and spilled two beers down my back and I had come from a meeting and was in a suit. Sorry I wasn't able to catch up with any of you blokes. Got a ticket in Bay 5.
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    yeah I'm not angry with the result at all...i actually sort of expected it (even tipped the Warriors). Just too many injuries to contend with and players just slotted into the team to fill numbers, it was always going to be a tough ask.

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    Nene McDonald is a serious specimen. Shaun Johnson was awesome for the Warriors today and as many have said we had a lot go against us.

    A real focus for 2016 has to be improving our home performances. We've gone 1-1 this season against the Warriors, Tigers and Sharks but lost all 3 games to those teams at home!! There's a chance we will be adding Parramatta and the Knights to that list by the end of the season as well. I think that as our attack improves our home record will improve because with the dry warm conditions up here teams have no issues putting points on the board, regardless of how good the defense is.

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    A bonus for the Warriors was having Hoffmann and Tomkins back. I noticed he does a lot of organising on attack and talk which allowed SJ to just play footy. Hoffman also the authority figure for the younger ones. Was going to be a long night at the office for the boys with injuries and what not. Nene was solid and he's a big lad. Always tough playing Warriors at Cbus as its like a home game for them with the amount of Kiwis that turn up. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titanic View Post
    Managed to get to the game - was cold, especially as some bloke slipped and spilled two beers down my back and I had come from a meeting and was in a suit. Sorry I wasn't able to catch up with any of you blokes. Got a ticket in Bay 5.
    Sorry again mate we probably passed each other & didn't know it as I sit in bay 5 next to the tunnel but I don't spill beer

    Happy with Macdonalds debut he is a monster & could be a star of the future

    Huge defensive effort from Douglas (55) Morts (44) & Burr (48) who is getting better every game , considering how much ball we had (around 40%) & add losing James for most of the match & then Sezar with 15min to go it wasn't too bad an effort from the boys but I wouldn't feed the oxygen thief DT he is an imposter & the sooner he goes the better.

    Friendy came back to haunt the club that stupidly flicked him along with Johnson & the massive Matilino destroyed us with so many repeat sets

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    Titans v Warriors: Five Key Points

    A complete Warriors performance, encouraging signs for Titans new recruits, mini Manu makes his mark and Henry hits back at recruitment speculation in the wake of the Warriors 36-14 win on Saturday night.

    Completing Warriors a match for any team

    As the Titans discovered, a Warriors team that completes 13 from 13 sets to start a half of football is almost impossible to repel. Tied with the Titans prior to the game for the worst completion rates in the competition, the Warriors made just a single error in the second half as they completed 18 of 20 sets and piled on five tries to run out convincing 36-14 victors.

    "It just felt like we had no ball and we were coming out of our own end," said Titans prop Luke Douglas. "They gave us a lesson in getting repeat sets and they really revved up as we were trying to get out. It was a real uphill battle and they were catching our kicks on the 40 and 50 and going straight into attacking sets so it makes it pretty tough."

    In the wake of their thumping by the Rabbitohs in Round 13 Warriors coach Andrew McFadden said that improving their completion rate had become an area of intense focus.

    "We put a lot of focus on that over the last few weeks," said McFadden. "We have generally been in most games and what has brought us undone has been our own errors. Securing the ball has been a real focus because when we hold onto the ball we get the results like we did tonight."

    Warriors find their home away from home

    With a sea of black jerseys dominating the stands at Cbus Super Stadium on Saturday night, the Warriors harnessed the power of south-east Queensland's Kiwi ex-pat population to win a fifth straight game on the Gold Coast.

    The booing of Titans five-eighth Aidan Sezer as he lined up a sideline conversion in the first half was clearly audible and gave the visitors a significant energy boost.

    "It's pretty special the support we get, it's probably the only home game the Titans have where they get booed when they run out at the start of the game," said Warriors captain Simon Mannering. "There's that much support for us and we love coming up here to play and to get a result like that tonight is obviously great for the turn-out we get."

    Added superstar half Shaun Johnson: "We love coming over here and the fact that you've got the crowd booing when Aidan Sezer's taking a shot at goal is pretty impressive. I was running back thinking, This is pretty cool. I don't think a lot of other teams would get to experience that, going away from home and getting that sort of support so really lucky."

    Titans new boys show plenty of promise

    Rushed in to help ease the Titans' injury crisis, new recruits Nene Macdonald and Chad Redman showed enough against the Warriors to indicate they will be very handy additions in the coming weeks and beyond. Macdonald only arrived on the Gold Coast on Tuesday night from the Roosters with former Knight Redman having his first day at the club on Wednesday. Macdonald played his first NRL game in the centres in his debut for the club and with his second touch showed plenty of speed and power to lay on the first try for Josh Hoffman. Redman was sharp in his stint at dummy-half and with the injury to Aidan Sezer is set to play even more minutes next week against the Roosters.

    "The boys were still struggling with first names and getting the calls on our plays but he showed real promise," Douglas said of his new teammates. "Just the size of him (Macdonald), he's a centre/winger and he's bigger than me. He's a big boy and showed some real good touches so definitely some good signs from the two new boys. [Redman] got out of there and did one good kick out of dummy-half and will get better as the weeks go on. A couple of times with different plays come unstuck but it's all going to improve."

    Ken Maumalo is a massive mini 'Beast'

    He is in doubt for next week's clash with the Raiders after rolling his ankle midway through the second half but in just his fourth first grade game Ken Maumalo showed there will be life after Manu Vatuvei with another eye-catching performance. The 20-year-old powerhouse brought the crowd to their feet as he pushed off the back fence to charge into the Titans defence and regularly provided strong starts to sets for his team.

    "He's a Manu-type too I suppose," was McFadden's post-match appraisal. "Certainly at the start of the year I wasn't anticipating him playing first grade and just the way he's developed is a real credit to him. He's obviously got a lot of upside with how powerful and big he is but it's the other parts of his game which has got him into first grade."

    Henry hits back at Maloney speculation

    In the post-DCE backflip period the Titans have been linked with every half coming off contract in the NRL but coach Neil Henry took the post-game press conference to vehemently refute any suggestion the club had been in the market for Roosters five-eighth James Maloney. In the wake of Maloney's decision to join the Sharks in 2016 a media report on Saturday suggested that he had rejected a larger offer from the Titans to link with Cronulla, a claim Henry denied in the strongest possible manner.

    "In today's papers there were a couple of stories about Jimmy Maloney and an offer from this club that he's knocked back and he's gone to play at Cronulla," Henry said unprompted. "Categorically there has been no offer. There was no talk with his management about him coming here whatsoever so to actually put that in there is not right. I'm a little bit upset that we get media jumping to conclusions about our salary cap position because Daly Cherry-Evans didn't come here and we weren't in the market for him (Maloney) and nor was he part of our future planning. I'll make that nice and clear that that's not true."

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    I recently started watching NRL and the Titans games and I was just wondering why there were so many Warriors fans? Do they always have so many fans at games?
    Also, who was the lady sitting with the players ( Myles,Bird)? Is she famous? why did the camera show her several times?

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    Quote Originally Posted by twenty View Post
    I recently started watching NRL and the Titans games and I was just wondering why there were so many Warriors fans? Do they always have so many fans at games?
    Also, who was the lady sitting with the players ( Myles,Bird)? Is she famous? why did the camera show her several times?
    Welcome to the forum mate.
    There are a lot of Kiwis on the Gold Coast and they often attend Warriors games in large numbers. Actually they provided a great atmosphere yesterday.
    I was at the game so didn't see the tv so someone else will have to help you with the lady who was shown.

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    we are dead set up against it. injuries are at critical level, so i dont think we can be too harsh on them.

    nene was a great debut. one of the better ones id reckon. only Sezer has maybe had a better debut out of the backs...hope Nene's second good game doesnt take to arrive as long as Aiden's did.

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