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I must say that if Zillman retains the fullback position then I will give up and return my membership with a note to Annesley. I am completely over p1sspoor decisions surrounding a bloke who trains like Superman and plays like Clark Kent.
Absolutely. How Zillman keeps getting chance after chance is beyond me. For the last 3 years (or more) he has played **** with a few good games in between which somehow makes him retain his spot. Mead and Hoffman perform at training and carry it onto the field. The same can't be said for Zillman. As you said he trains like a beast but fails on the park where it matters. I am hoping Henry has enough sense to stop giving this guy chance after chance. Mead or Hoffman deserve to be wearing #1.

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Right now my backline has so many unknowns. Trials will be a big factor for positions. I pray that Zillman plays shocking in the trials so Henry sends him packing to Burleigh (sorry Bears).

1. Hoffman/Mead
2. Gordon/Don/Fai-Fai Loa
3. Roberts
4. Don/Crampton/Hoffman
5. Mead/Don/Fai-Fai Loa

*sorry for it being confusing but I seriously have no idea until the trials