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    Default Revolution at the Titans to bring in new attacking and defensive structures

    Revolution at the Titans to bring in new attacking and defensive structures

    REPUTATIONS may survive but the revolution at the Gold Coast is set to deliver new attacking and defensive structures to make the Titans a team to watch next year.

    For the first time in club history the Titans head into a pre-season with a new head coach as Neil Henry and new assistants Terry Matterson and Rohan Smith attempt to transform the team from 14th into finals contenders.

    While the coaches like the foundations at the club, especially the players’ commitment to scramble and fight for each other, they will refine the game plan to make them competitive.

    Tough calls have been made on some players, more will undoubtedly follow, but playing personnel change is inevitable when new coaches come to rebuild a club which is on its knees.

    “I think some guys have earned reputations over the years you just don’t throw out the back door,” Matterson said.

    “I wouldn’t say it’s a clean slate, but we’re certainly looking hard at everyone.

    “At the end of the day the club finished 14th last season. We need to move up the table.”

    Matterson has been entrusted with overhauling the Gold Coast’s attack. It is impossible to disguise just how poor the Titans were in attack this year.

    They were ranked 15th in the NRL for points scored, their 372 total only marginally ahead of the 363 they managed in their wooden spoon season three years ago.

    Halfback Albert Kelly has been released and they will start the year with Daniel Mortimer and Aidan Sezer as their only NRL experienced halves. Understudies Christian Hazard, Jamal Fogarty and Kane Elgey are barely into their 20s.

    “All squads aren’t exactly as you’d like,’’ Matterson said. “Obviously there has been a bit of change with this squad in the off-season and that may continue.

    “That’s part of our job, to get the best out of them and improve them.

    “I think there will be some new stuff (to our structures), no doubt about that. That is part of what happens with change.

    “We need to score more points and we need to concede fewer points as well. They both work in together. If you’re attacking well, that helps with your defence.

    “I think our completion rate certainly is not good enough to compete with the top teams. Our error rate needs to come down and certainly our composure needs to be better.

    “There are quite a few areas to work on there but I think we will focus on two or three areas that will be the key.’’

    The Titans home crowds plunged to record low levels in 2014, 39 per cent down on 2008 and Matterson knows playing entertaining footy is just as important as winning to get the fans back to Cbus Super Stadium.

    “We want to move the ball around, we want to play an exciting brand of rugby there is no doubt about that, it’s about bringing more people back to the stadium,” he said.

    “That’s got to tie in with winning as well. There is a time and a place to do certain things but I’ve always been a fairly big believer in moving the footy around.”

    Smith, the son of former Dragons, Eels and Roosters grand final coach Brian Smith, is in charge of the defence. He was impressed by the grit and determination of the Titans last season and believes he can build on that with a better structure.

    In the first part of the year they were among the top ranked defensive units, but by the end they had fallen to 11th for points conceded.

    “Winning the way they were early in the season is really hard to maintain. They were really battling and scrambling for every win there,” Smith said.

    “You need to rely on your systems and structure and teamwork to get you those wins, not just purely grit and determination which sort of got them going at the start of the year there.

    “A bit more in teamwork and the structured side of defence is a real area of improvement to go with that physicality and commitment.

    “Most clubs are pretty much on the same page as far as their (wrestling) techniques go in the tackle and as far as trying to slow the game down, but having that structure and cohesion as a defensive unit really enables you to control the tackle better.”

    Smith isn’t sure of the fitness testing levels of the team last year, but it’s clear the strength and conditioning staff will be pushing the team to harder this preseason.

    “Obviously to be a good relentless, ruthless defensive team you’ve got to be very fit,” Smith said.

    “I think you can look really tired in defence even if you are really fit depending on how you’re working together.

    “You can attack well on your own, one ball carrier can really damage an opposition, but it’s very difficult to defend well on your own.

    “I think working together as a team and having that good base of fitness that will give us our best chance to improve our defence.”

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    Well I dunno about you blokes, but I'm F***ing excited about the Titans again.

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    yah plenty to like in there.

    they'reexactly right, and i said it last year. its good to scramble, but you cant rely on that, it wears you down and fatigues you over the season. systems take the pressure off so your not red lining all game.

    bring it on.

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    This article is exactly what is needed for us poor supporters to read, just hope the coaching staff can find a few diamonds in the rough while trying get the squad fit..

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    So we have more to look forward to then having a 2nd rower try and draw a centre in and offload! Repeat on other side of field if necessary. This is unheard of.

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    Matterson wants to get the team to move the ball around more, hope he has a big bat to bash that notion into a few of our ball killers heads....

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