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    Quote Originally Posted by Titanic View Post
    I add ... if Hayne was so good why didn't he put enough players on him to stop that ... remember years ago when Cartwright took all the praise for kicking long to stifle out Slater? Rogers told me that Prince had come up with that little ploy.

    As for playing in the away strip that is not only so disrespectful it is so pathetically childishly superstitious.
    Maybe they should play in their 2010 playing strip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Titanic View Post
    There is some sort of agenda being run by the commentators and it revolves around the "old boys club". All those high profile ex-players have circled the wagons and they have tremendous power because all those who are not in the media don't really give a toss anymore and the Titans are the last on any of their agendas.
    And the very next day Steve Mascord takes the ex-players to task ... this is the tip of the iceberg, imho.
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