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    Default Anybody seen the TV show Banshee? its pretty awesome

    Hey guys,

    anyone caught this show? its great.

    One of those modern tense drama / action shows like True Detective.

    Well acted, original storyline, and movie quality production values.

    ITs about a master thief who gets out of jail after 15 years and tracks down his old girlfriend / partner thief, who is now married with two kids in some hicksville town.

    The guy who runs the organised crime in this town is a ruthless amish guy?!

    and the new sheriff dies on his way into the town, so the thief assumes his identity and becomes the sworn sheriff. he des not follow protocol and dishes out whoopings to those who need it.

    its pretty brutal too. one of the fights is the more brutal fights ive seen on tv or movie.

    get into it lads. Here is the trailer:

    and here is a the fight i was talking about:

    let me know what you think

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    Yeah mate I've seen it series 1 was brilliant & the second series a little behind the 1st but very enjoyable show

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    yeah man, with these high concept shows like prinson break, lost, heroes, its hard to follow up a good first season and keep an original story going. Havent seen all of 2, but hope 3 picks it back up.

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