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    Agree mate 100% Bring Back the Biff but to call Gallen standing toe to toe & landing a couple of punches on Myles a "Dog Move" because he's a superior fighter & blaming him for "Killing Origin" is laughable , the NRL changed the rules because of every media outlet running re-runs of the fight at every opportunity possible & the do-Gooders demanding for our game to be changed so the fools in charge brought in the worst rule change ever (just ahead of the shoulder charge)... I have been to almost 30 Origin matches over the years & game one this year was the most Brutal game I have ever been to & even if u weren't happy with the result the game was brilliant with out a punch so it is possible to go 80 minutes without the Biff, game 2 was screaming for a Stink thanks mostly to Meninga obviously instructing his players to be as niggling as possible in the rucks, JT is one of those players that almost everybody likes because he just plays the game but in that match he became Qld's number one grub which I've never seen in his game his credit he did apologize after the match to Reynolds.

    We love Origin because of the passion & Brutality of the game & I love nothing more then watching an All In but that joy has been taken away, maybe Mal & Laurie should tell both teams to put the Cattle Dog call on early & we can have 10 or 12 players throwing them, when the dust settles maybe a couple of players will get 10 minutes & then we can get back to playing footy

    Game 3 is on July 9th if anyone still cares , i do
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