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    Ha ha that's awsome diehard love the souths one with freddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by gcboyz View Post
    Paul Carter brings a lot to this team with his niggle and aggression. Birdman had it all to himself for the past two seasons. Now with some serious aggro from Miles, Taka, and D.T. we have the making of our own "Bruiser Boys".
    Ryan James applied for membership today but fell short of the mark.
    Souths will be the test to see where we are really are.
    Good post, but that line is a classic.

    And totally agree with the Souths comment.

    We've beaten Storm, with a bit of controversary, so let's back it up with a win over Souths and I think the boys are really proving themselves.

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    I enjoyed this game, always good to get out to a lead and hold it there, but it was the speed we were hitting the ball with, the depth of our attacking line and the strength across the park that showed.

    Really impressed with where we are now, and the clear options we have in attack. We were not great, but we were very solid, and it's because we show so much promise and are still improving that really fills me with confidence. Just a case of bringing it each week.

    The Panthers game was a throwback to a stunted attack of times gone by, so once the team (Cartwirght?) lets go of the old, un-winning ways, and embraces the positive plays that are scoring us points, then we can start to pile the points on and learn how to win pretty!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, it is this new exciting passing attitude that is now sinking in, players are actually expecting an offload, they are backing each other up, there is almost always someone there for it now, and it's the sort of footy that opposition teams can't really train to defend against.

    Iit's the sort of footy that fans will turn up to watch, and I think that is one of the best things about the way we are playing. I WANT to watch the Titans play this style of footy.

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