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    I hope you're right on point 2, Bayside Titans, because in the next eight weeks we play Cowboys, Broncos & Rabbitohs at home and Raiders, Storm, Panthers, Tigers & Broncos away, and I can't see us being favoured to win any of those games! I know games aren't played on paper - we weren't favoured to beat the Sharks in week one and we were favoured to beat the Tigers yesterday - so maybe there will be some wins in there, but it sure looks like a long season in the making.

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    I know what you mean, Mexican titan, about getting no pleasure in bagging the coach. I've been following league for 40 odd years and this is the first time I've ever taken any solace from a loss in thinking that it may mean the day the coach gets the boot is getting closer. It's a strange thing for supporters to have to go through.

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    I checked into the Titan's Fb page after the game and the usual stuff there is the blind faithful cheering any thing. Well the endless posts bashing the coach and team was a big surprise. It appears that the tide of discontent is growing and perhaps, just perhaps there may be some soul searching being done if the team continues to serve up the crap we saw on the weekend. The team didn't look interested from the first set and after watching them from the first game in 07 I knew we were in trouble. I was not at all surprised at all by the score.
    The same issues we had on the right side in defence are still there this year even though we are led to believe that the teams focus in the pre season was defence. I can well and truly believe they did nothing on attack as it hasn't changed for years. It looks to me as though the players are starting to play for themselves and not the team and that is a sure fire sign that the players no longer support the coach and his team and their message.
    We are in for a long season and I hope that the current coaching team serves out most of it so that they have no where to hide when the axe swings.

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    biggest thing i agree with is that it needs to be the whole coaching team.

    only Neil Henry could be given the hint of a benefit of doubt, but the longer this goes on and we show zero improvement, then his lack of impact will work against him.

    other than that, its the trainers, assistants, hangers on. maybe even the fitness guy. just start fresh.

    no mates rates, just professionalism and accountability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amaline View Post

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    Oh the pain. I was nearly crying at half time. Travelled to Toowoomba for trial and was worried but put it down to a trial.
    After last week the reality hit home. Moved seats from Legion to Western Stand this year in the hope with new staff and players we were in with a show. Gutted is the only feeling I have after that performance yesterday. No structure in attack or defense thought I was watching juniors run around. What have they been doing over the preseason. Time to drop the sword and bring in the broom.

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    I have put this also in another thread, however I have received two emails in the last day from Graham Annesley about the scheduling of matches. I think it is great that he is taking this matter up but as he wrote to us I thought it was the time to respond about things in general. My email is copied below and perhaps others should write as well as who knows who reads what is written on here.

    "Graham - thanks for taking up the issue of scheduling - it is ridiculous that the same mistake has been made for three years out of the last four. However, I hope this is not being used as a distraction for the teams inept performance on Sunday. As a member from day 1, Sunday was the first time I have considered whether I would renew next year - one more example of that and the decision will be easy. My family treats the footy as a day out and to have both of my kids wanting to leave with 20 minutes to go was not what any of us want, especially after paying $1100 to watch it.
    Personally, my view is that the team plays a very boring style of football and has done for the last few years and that the coaching of the team is poor. So many fundamental errors such as wingers not knowing what to do in defence (man on man or under the high ball), no late tackle options other than a kick and hope. What capped it for me is when the team received a penalty 35 metres out and 15 metres in on Sunday and instead of kicking it to receive a tap about 20 metres out, we took a tap (and that was after some general indecision for a few seconds).
    I know that decisions were made about the coach before you arrived and obviously I know you cannot comment publicly or to me about the situation, it was obvious after the game, at the ground and on the walk to the station that fans had had enough.
    Nothing would please me more than have to eat humble pie but the slide of this club over the past few years has been alarming. Finally, where is the independent board that has been promised for some time now. If the board is truly independant then finally some accountability will appear to be in place to your supporters."

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