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    Quote Originally Posted by Titanic View Post
    Gentlemen, we are boring ... down right boring. We play the same way every week using the same players who make the same mistakes and they are not accountable ... I am so disheartened by today's p1ssweak effort that I couldn't be bothered arguing with much of the stuff written here.

    The one-dimensional, endless hit-ups remind me of the 60's playing with a leather ball in the mud with unlimited tackles ... when will management wake up because we are killing the ability of some very good players?
    I hate dumping on the club but have to agree^. I watched in the pub but left at 3/4 time and hated my disinterest in the radio commentary as the boys rallied late. By then I was so fed up with the performance that I was over it. Surprised myself as I'm pretty loyal normally.

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    James Bailey and Falloon had the highest tackle count over the week-end
    Falloon played with a fractured toe according to the website thought he did an admirable job considering and James came out firing

    Over all the Warriers played with more mungrel, they were desperate for the win and got it

    Our boys didnt have that mungrel in them accross the whole field for the 80 and if we are to win games they need to start like they did in the beginning of the year get that mungrel back into the whole side not just a few of them who put there hand up every week

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    Trying not to bag the boys, maybe just 1 of them in particular.

    Zillman, there was a moment in the first half when Feleti cut through us down our left side and through a desperate ball to his winger, the winger drops it..
    And it falls in front of Zillman............AND he fingers it and dropped it clean. Yes it was at feet height but he had a second to compose himself anyway.
    He drops it and if picked up could of tried to run the frild for the try.

    Also if Slater was our fullback he would of scored 5 tries yesterday. Idris and Taylor were shrugging defenders off and serveral times got there arms free while having 3, 4 or even 5 defenders attached.. If Zillman was running off these guys and with the right timing he would be killing it....

    C'Mon Zilly!!!!!!!!!!

    Presto would be having a field day!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by karnage View Post
    This loss is going to hurt us later in the year, I just had a look at our last 8 weeks. In a nutshell:

    - 5 of our last 8 games are AWAY from home.
    - 6 of our last 8 games are against top 8 teams (Manly, Souths, Bulldogs, Cowboys, Roosters, Storm)
    - Our last 2 games are AWAY to the Roosters and AWAY to the Storm.

    It is a BRUTAL ending to the regular season. It is a very long season but losing to the likes of the Warriors, in the form they are in, is a game we need to make up somewhere else.
    This is the most salient point made thus far. We can not keep losing games to teams who should finish below us, as we'll need to pick up games against top 4 teams later on (we may have one already with the win against Manly). But we've lost to the Sharks, Knights and Broncos all who will make claims for the top 8 and are challenges for our spot. To lose yesterday was devastating. To do so in the fashion we did more so. Our forwards were dominated and apart from James, Taylor, Sezer and Idris none of our blokes looked like getting the better of their opponent. We really need to smash the Dragons this week if we are to be serious considerations for a finals berth.

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