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    Default Clive Palmer cops 35th traffic fine

    LEAD-footed billionaire Clive Palmer has lost 108 demerit points and been fined more than $5000 since 1988 after racking up 35 fines for speeding and other driving offences.

    His latest speeding charge was taken to Southport Magistrates Court yesterday where his three-page traffic history was described as "substantial".

    Mr Palmer had initially indicated he would fight his latest $333 fine, which he got in January for driving his Mercedes-Benz more than 20km/h over the speed limit, but yesterday pleaded guilty, choosing not to turn up to court.

    He was caught doing 81km/h in a 60km/h zone in his Mercedes-Benz on Oxley Drive at Biggera Waters on January 27.

    Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll ordered the billionaire pay $411, the original amount, plus $78 in court costs, noting his "substantial number of speeding offences".

    Speeding tickets account for 24 of the fines, with Mr Palmer caught exceeding the speed limit by up to 44km/h in some cases.

    The other fines were for using a mobile phone while driving, failing to wear a seatbelt, disobeying a stop sign and following another vehicle too closely.

    The record shows Mr Palmer has made a habit of contesting fines, taking 12 to court and having the State Government's debt collector SPER take enforcement action against him.

    His latest speeding fine was the first since 2009. In May, the Bulletin revealed Mr Palmer planned to contest the fine despite the 28-day appeal period lapsing.

    He was facing jail with the State Penalties Enforcement Registry chasing him, demanding he pay up.

    Days later, the Newman Government stepped in and ordered police issue a summons against the generous LNP donor to allow him a second chance to appeal.

    Mr Palmer could not be contacted last night and his representatives said he would not comment on the matter.
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    This guy is a classic rogue element.

    Originally Posted by Moejoe
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    Really? Researching 14yrs of a guys traffic history to write a story about his first fine in 3yrs?
    I feel dumber every day having to filter through **** like this to find real news to read about
    Tell me there's no ulterior motive behind this article....
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    What Ryan said, but more importantly it just shows the imbalance of having monetary fines as a way of imposing a penalty. If you can easily pay it, as Clive obviously can, it means little, whereas a someone who accidentally exceeds a speed limit and is financially strapped could struggle to come up with the dollars and face severe hardship. Remember the monetary fine is the same whether it is first offence or you have a 3 page history, based on the speed you are doing over the limit.

    I am not condoning speeding but I just think there should be a fairer system, where the penalty is equally harsh/fair for everyone. Basically, a points system. Yes, i know we have one, but monetary fines are not fair IMO, and this particular case illustrates it perfectly.

    And I ride a large, fast motorbike, so don't get me started on the fine I am currently paying off over 6 months.....

    Having said all that, I also believe "if you do the crime you should do the time/pay the fine". But maybe there is a better way.

    **edit** Lets just say there was a fine clause for speeding that read, "Any person caught speeding will forfeit their right to build, own or run any Casino in Australia" It probably wouldn't affect me directly but I dare say it would be incentive for Clive to keep it legal. Ok, it's silly, but what is a couple of hundred $$$'s to a mining magnate?
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