OK this is to the people who own the following flags

Our best Friend is a Hooker (i think thats hully gullys if im correct)
The big Flash Gordon one
Presto Magic

I was contacted by Frank Puletua yesterday about a Museum they having in Feb/March 2011 in Sydney for all NRL supporters groups. Basically they are wanting banners and signs from each club to showcase in the museum for a couple of months

So i am just wondering if any of those above banners are a NO NO or if i can take them to sydney for the show

Titans are the only team that are not presented so far and that would suck if we dont get anything.

I currently have the 3 above signs in my possession, if the people that own then dont want them showcased pls let me know and ill return them to the security room at Skilled.

Be aware they will be showed until March so returned April, according to Frank. Although also be aware we have a lot of away games in that period.

Also Syl if you guys have any awesome banners on ur side let me know and ill see if they want them.!