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03-04-18, 01:14 PM
Brennan says Carty’s Coast critics should wait just a minute

GOLD Coast coach Garth Brennan has insisted Bryce Cartwright will not be a flop after his star recruit spent 79 minutes warming the bench.

Cartwright played just one minute of the Titans’ upset 26-14 win over Brisbane at Suncorp Stadium on Sunday.

The NSW Origin hopeful was relegated to the bench after a poor start to the season where he has averaged four missed tackles a game and offered little impact with the ball.

Cartwright’s cameo came at the end of the first half when he replaced backrower Kevin Proctor, ordered off the field to undergo a concussion test.

Proctor passed the test during the break and returned to the field at the start of the second half.

Cartwright’s defensive attitude has been questioned throughout his 73-game NRL career and Brennan admitted he was reluctant to tinker.

“When it became a real defensive arm-wrestle at that point, I couldn’t get him back into the game,” Brennan said.

“It was just the way the game panned out. I thought Will Matthews and Kevin Proctor were doing enormous jobs on our edges defensively.

“It was a case that I couldn’t get him into the game how I would have liked to.

“The boys that were out there were defending really well and I didn’t want to change how they were working together.”

Cartwright’s benching raises genuine questions about his best long-term position.

Brennan thrust the former Panthers dynamo into the defensively demanding position of lock to start the season and he was exposed.

The coach admitted it was unfair to pitch Cartwright into the halves against New Zealand, but he struggled again in the forward pack in the 54-8 loss to St George-Illawarra, prompting his benching.

At 23 and having signed a four-year deal with the Gold Coast, Cartwright has time on his side and Brennan said fans would see the best of him.

“He’s not a dummy – he knows what he needs to work on and I speak to him about that,” Brennan said.

“I’ve said from day one Bryce is a work in progress.”

Cartwright’s move to the bench allowed Jai Arrow, an early contender for the NRL’s buy of the year, to wear his favoured No. 13 jersey.

Arrow, 22, was excellent again in a 35-tackle performance while props Ryan James (135m, 36 tackles) and Jarrod Wallace (107m, 27 tackles) also thrived in the engine room.

03-04-18, 10:29 PM
Took it like a man unlike a plane or two I can think of.

12-04-18, 08:43 PM
Cartwright loving his new life


BRYCE Cartwright left behind $1.2 million in contract earnings when he walked out on the Penrith Panthers to start a new life on the Gold Coast.

Such was his desire to get out, he agreed to a $300,000-a-year pay cut for the next four seasons because happiness meant more than his bank balance.

“I didn’t think I was worth what Penrith was paying me anyway,” he says as we sit down to discuss Sunday’s return to the foot of the mountains from where he was raised and emerged as potentially the next big NRL superstar.

The Cartwright issues have been well documented. An expartner tragically took her own life. Another old girlfriend was paid $50,000 hush money and compensation to have an abortion.

And all the rumours that he was in with the wrong crowd, including local bikies.


Cartwright might have been a boom footballer but his reputation off the field was as bad as it can get.

It’s why there was a reluctance from the Titans board when new coach Garth Brennan first raised the prospect of bringing the 23-year-old utility to the glitter strip.

There was one line from Brennan when he fronted the board – “I respect the kid so much I’d welcome him into my family home” – that convinced the directors to sign him.

Plus the fact he was prepared to turn his back on enough money to buy a house outright to get an opportunity to rebuild his life and get out of his comfort zone at a powerhouse NRL franchise.

This Cartwright journey is much more than just a rugby league story.

He has a new tattoo on his right arm that best explains it: “Koa Josiah 2.1.18”

It was the birth of his first child, a little boy, back in January and the pretty teenage girl who is now the mother of his son and the rock in his life.

Shanelle is just 19. She grew up on the beach in Maroubra, met Cartwright and moved to Penrith, then packed up again for the Gold Coast.

“She is just awesome,” Cartwright says, “An amazing partner and mother.

“She really drives me and she’s really positive. She tells me all the time to keep my head up.
“It helps me be my best every day. It helps me be a good father.

“And whenever anything goes wrong she’s always there to support me. Her support is incredible.”
They have long-term plans to marry and extend the family.

It’s why rugby league is now so important.

The opportunity to fulfil the enormous potential and set his young family up for life.


Cartwright makes it clear he doesn’t want this to be another rugby league story of redemption.

He’s happy to discuss the horrible mistakes of the past but insists there is a long way to go.

“I was a young, dumb kid making stupid decisions,” he says. “I regret how immature I was and some of the decisions I made.

“I didn’t really care about other people’s feelings and I should have listened to my parents more.

“I acted poorly and didn’t care what others thought of me or said about me.

“Growing up was just football, football, football and it took me a long time to learn more about life and my responsibilities.”
Plus there was the hurt he caused his own family and others.

The lack of respect. And the pain for all. “I felt like I’d hurt my parents and dragged the family name through the mud,” he explains. “It was embarrassing and hurtful putting them through what I did. “Yet, you know what, they just reassured me how much they loved and cared for me. “To have my parents and Shanelle meant everything.” Cartwright can’t wait for kick-off on Sunday at Panthers Stadium where he will turn out for the Titans against many of the boys he played alongside for years in junior league rep teams.

“I’ve never been so excited for a game in my life,” he says. “They might smash me but that’s what gets me excited. It will be a huge confrontation. “I know I’ll cop a bit from the crowd.

“It’s me against them but I’ve got all my teammates behind me.”

Shanelle and Koa will be there in the stands and are staying overnight with his parents.

Cartwright and Shanelle recently bought a new home in Currumbin. There is a decent mortgage plus he has a property back home.
Yet he doesn’t for a moment regret the loss of income.
“Money was never the issue,” he says.

“If I play good football I’ll get it back next time.

“The fresh start, the opportunity, having Shanelle and my own son ... I can guarantee that’s far more important than money.”


22-04-18, 02:17 PM
So a major discussion point after these opening 7 rounds. Where do we all see Carty fitting into this team? 5/8? Second row? Bench utility? Left right out? Loc...nah Arrow has that sewn up.

Has had a few flashy moments against Manly but other than that he's been pretty average. He's here for 4 years though so we've gotta find a solution somehow. So what do you's reckon?

Mr Bods
22-04-18, 02:27 PM
I’d structure my bench as having 3 mids and a hooker. I’d play Cartwright as a bench mid adding some attacking spark after about 30mins. He also provides utility options If a Back goes down.
Once he has a motor and defensive toughness he can then start at Lock with Arrow/Wallace being our front rowers at the start.

22-04-18, 08:42 PM
He’s floundering because the expectations are that he is point of difference ... wrong he’s just a bloke trying to fit in. Give him that right edge ... Proctor, Cartwright, Don looks way better than the Tongan banana fingers.

22-04-18, 09:20 PM
Titanic you could do worst but I'm sorry old mate the left edge is dialing 000 right now.

07-05-18, 08:31 PM
It's good to see that it isn't just a few of us on here that don't believe that Cartwright isn't that good.
Mick Ennis pulling no punches.

Mr Bods
07-05-18, 08:38 PM
^^^ yep that’s unreal. Nice one Ennis. I really don’t want to hear Brennan now saying it will take time to form combinations, it’s a work in progress blah blah, I’m tiring of him already, I want to see 17 working class heroes prepared to rip in with some genuine GC Mongrel and have a proper crack at it and this piece of work Cartwright is an embarrassment.

07-05-18, 08:45 PM
Elgey was dropped to work on his defence according to Brennan.
LG has missed 24 tackles this year Cartwright 27
LG has 11 line breaks to Cart's 8
LG has 1 try and 4 try assists to cart's 0 tries and 2 try assists
neither has a line break and cart's has been sin binned once.

The only player to have missed more tackles than Cart's is James at 28. James has made 232 tackles and missed 28, Cart's 131 and missed 27...... He is a feckin turnstile but is somehow better than LG???

07-05-18, 09:03 PM
Ennis earning every cent of his pay packet.

08-05-18, 05:49 AM
And yet we are stuck with him for four years. I was excited over the possibilities when we signed him but now to see him get chosen over players who are down on form when he has none himself really gets under my skin.

We still have Peachey coming so I'm guessing he maybe our 5/8 for next year at LG's expense, but again, Peachey is rocks and diamonds as well.

Not sure how long this rebuild is going to take when the players we are signing aren't working out.

08-05-18, 07:35 AM
Send him back to the Bears, hopefully some of his old mates can slap some sense into him. If that don't work, find a way ti unload him, asap.

4 bloody years.. Has our management learnt nothing? His name better not turn up in the 17 named this afternoon. Otherwise the heat goes straight onto Brennan's shoulders.

08-05-18, 09:54 AM
Garth apparently said that Ennis had a point with his criticism and he needs to lift. We'll see what happens anyway.

09-05-18, 06:52 AM
Gorden Tallis fears Bryce Cartwright’s talent could go to waste unless he knuckles down

May 08, 2018

BRYCE Cartwright’s turbulent time at the Titans has continued and Gold Coast ambassador Gorden Tallis fears he could become the NRL’s next Dave Taylor.

Rookie playmaker Alexander “AJ” Brimson will be thrust into an NRL baptism of fire in Saturday’s double header against Melbourne at Suncorp Stadium after coach Garth Brennan axed Cartwright to the bench for the second time this season.

Brimson will wear the Gold Coast’s No. 6 jersey alongside halfback Ash Taylor in his first grade debut, where he will face off against Queensland Origin five-eighth Cameron Munster.

After being lambasted by former NSW Origin hooker and Fox League analyst Michael Ennis for “taking the piss” with his limp defensive efforts, Cartwright has again found himself on the Gold Coast’s bench.

He was first sent to the pine in Round 4 and played just one minute in the Gold Coast’s upset victory against Brisbane.

Cartwright missed seven tackles in the Gold Coast’s loss to Canberra, the club’s fourth straight defeat, on Saturday and has rarely run the ball with any vigour this season.

The supremely talented Taylor’s NRL career whittled away at the Titans and former Queensland hardman Tallis said Cartwright had to get his hands dirty.

“I hope he is not another Dave Taylor,” Tallis said.

“Dave Taylor could have been the greatest forward ever to run on a rugby league field. That’s a huge statement.

“He was unbelievably talented but when something becomes so easy and you don’t have to work at it, you tend to go away. I hope he doesn’t become one of those players.

“Sometimes I think he can get his game mixed up and doesn’t do the tough team things you need to do.

“He plays in a dinner suit, not a boiler suit. He’s got to get a little bit dirtier.

“I’m pretty sure Garth Brennan will be having him work really hard. He’s known him for a long time. If anyone is going to get the best out of him it should be Garth.”

Cartwright, 23, has not fired a shot on the Gold Coast since arriving from Penrith on the eve of the season as Brennan’s high-profile recruit.

He started the season at lock but was found out defensively, moving to an interchange role before being recalled to the starting side at five-eighth in place of axed No. 6 Kane Elgey.

Cartwright’s defence has been as bad as Elgey’s, prompting Brennan to blood the 19-year-old Brimson, who has been starring at fullback for Tweed Heads in the Intrust Super Cup.

“It’s exciting for the club,” Brennan said of Brimson.

“I’ve held him back but it’s time for him to go in there and see what he can do.

“He gives me what I’m looking for. He is a strong defender and a runner.

“He’s been training with us all summer and he is certainly willing and ready to have a crack.”

Brennan’s patience with butterfingered centre Konrad Hurrell, the NRL’s most error-prone player, has worn thin and he has been dropped for the Storm game.

Bulldogs recruit Brenko Lee will make his club debut and Dale Copley returns from a hamstring injury, although Brennan will rest lock Jai Arrow after he picked up a rib injury in the Raiders loss.

“He is still very sore,” Brennan said.

“It’s not the right thing by Jai forcing him to play. It’s best to hold him back. It gives him some time to freshen his body up.

“He’s not going to pull himself out of the team. It was my call. I’ve got to protect him.”

Source: couriermail.com.au (http://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/nrl/teams/titans/gorden-tallis-fears-bryce-cartwrights-talent-could-go-to-waste-unless-he-knuckles-down/news-story/b42db250da2bc330d0fb9c473eead993)

It would appear it's not just Brennan reading the forum. :D

09-05-18, 07:41 AM
At some point Brennan has to answer to the bosses. He's currently sitting at 1 and 3 with his recruitments whilst trying to justify 2 out of 3 to them. At the same time the two that are subjectively "failing" are on the long contracts whilst Rein needs to be renewed this year.

11-05-18, 09:31 PM
Needs a big game or sent to QCUP.

11-05-18, 09:33 PM
Needs a big game or sent to QCUP.

Hopefully if Peats comes back this week, he's the one to make way.

22-05-18, 11:27 AM

Star Titans recruit vows to repay the one mentor who has trusted in him

AN honest Bryce Cartwright says he can cope with external flak but is haunted by the thought he letting down Titans coach Garth Brennan.

In an honest appraisal of his lacklustre form, Gold Coast’s star NRL recruit claims he owes it to the man who brought him north from Penrith in the preseason to turn his campaign around.

After sticking with his lastminute recruit for the opening 10 rounds, Brennan’s patience finally wore thin last week, with Cartwright dropped to find form and confidence in the Intrust Super Cup.

The former Panther had attracted stinging criticism for his lacklustre efforts and while he earnt an eleventh-hour reprieve when Kevin Proctor failed to pass a fitness test, the jury is still out after he played just 18 minutes off the bench.

Cartwright has faced plenty of scrutiny in his young career.

And while he knows to ignore the noise off the field, the pain of losing the trust of the coach who threw him a career lifeline hurts the most.

“That’s probably been the worst feeling about it, I probably feel like I’ve let him down in the past 10 rounds,” Cartwright said.

“I’ve just got to keep improving and repay the faith.

“That’s probably my biggest regret is just letting him down these past two months.”

Released by the Panthers late in the off-season, Cartwright has struggled to fit into the team, playing at lock, fiveeighth and in the second-row in the opening rounds.

Mentioned as a likely NSW Origin player two years ago, Cartwright’s game has suffered recently and while genuine criticism is warranted, some have taken the chance to have pot shots at the 23-year-old.

“Sometimes it is (difficult to block out) but I just go back to worrying about the opinions of my teammates and the Titans family and my family and the people I care about,” he said.

“All the outside noise I probably don’t take too much notice of.

“In parts of my game (I feel I have let Brennan down) but I’ve still got so much more to offer.”

While Brennan said Cartwright deserved a chance to answer his critics, proving other people wrong is not what’s motivating him.

“I need to prove to myself that I belong here and get back to playing some good footy,” Cartwright said.

“It’s probably more proving myself wrong and that will prove the other people wrong after that.

“Just the way I’ve been performing, it plays in the back of your head ... and I want to prove myself wrong first.”


22-05-18, 12:24 PM
Might be time to bring in a sports psychologist.

22-05-18, 01:10 PM
He needs some form of intervention, JB. When I read the bit yesterday about him ignoring the 'white noise' and feels he only needs to repay Brennan the favour. It come to mind someone needs to sit down with him and explain the big picture to how it comes about him getting a pay check, as it certainly isn't Brennan writing the cheques.

22-05-18, 01:22 PM
Agree, this isn't about the coach. It's about the club, the members, the fans and the region.