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Bayside Titan
18-03-18, 10:49 PM
Hi All. Just a random question that it thought Id ask. It more like a What ever happened to him question.
So here it is. Can anyone remember the name of the Under 20 Prop that was playing along side Will Matthews in the 20s and what ended up happening with him ?

19-03-18, 01:18 AM
Are you talking about Siosaia Vave?


19-03-18, 07:14 AM
I agree with Shamus. The only other player that played a bit of front row in that first NYC Sean was Biden’s Thompson

Bayside Titan
19-03-18, 07:18 AM
From memory he was a clean cut white boy.

19-03-18, 07:56 AM
Steve Darby is the person you must be thinking of. He played a handful of NYC matches in 2008

Bayside Titan
19-03-18, 12:10 PM
What ever became of him ?

19-03-18, 12:36 PM
I remember Steve Darby big lump of a lad