View Full Version : Which U20's players will get a 2015 NRL contract?

Hail Sezer
03-09-14, 08:09 AM
It is always exciting to see our juniors progress to the top squad. Which players from our 2014 U20's squad do you think sill progress and pick up at least a 2015 pre-season contract?

Hazard and Jahrome Hughes already have NRL contracts. Would be hard not to add Elgey to the summer training squad however with Beddow/Hazard/Kelly/Sezer/Mortimer there..do we have room for another young half?

The rest of our squad is really young. '95, '96 born so still have next year in u20's but there may be a few who manage to pick one up.

My guesses would be:

Daniel Schwass - played qcup this year and last year and plays a very composed game. Guy is a leader and an incredibly hard worker and I know he's got the characteristics that Neil is looking for. Big for a half too.

Tevita Folau - didn't feature this year due to acl in pre-season however was the one that Woolf had the biggest wraps on going in to the season. Not playing this year may work against him but could be a smokey.

Brian Kelly - winger/centre who still looks to be growing but already has a big frame. Classy player who still has 2 more years in u20s. One to watch for sure.

Others who could be smokies..

Jayden Connors is one I would love to see included in the squad as well, size permitting. He's still young though so I'm sure he can put on some decent weight. Big talent and would be a crowd favourite.

Shaun Hudson/Connor Broadhurst - Huddo has been out with injury for a while so only played the back end of the season however is a talented player with a good skillset. Connor has had a good season too.

Anthony Coleman - excellent defence and hard worker.

Of all those I've mentioned, at least 2 will pick up a contract I'm sure. Generally we don't promote more than 2-3 for that off-season training squad however the above would be the most likely to be considered IMO. Next pre season could be a different story altogether, this is just what I've picked up on from this year.

What do you guys think?

03-09-14, 03:03 PM
How many of the players will be too old for 20"s next season

03-09-14, 04:19 PM
Good call Hail Sezer Kelly and Coleman have been great. I have been lucky enough to see both play from around U15's and it has been a pleasure to watch them develop. Watch for Zac Spring in a couple of years, he knows where the try line is