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30-03-14, 03:56 PM
Daniel: One of two of a kind

<script height="314px" width="558px" src="http://player.ooyala.com/iframe.js#pbid=fd5fc71d2bcc4b60a622cf8d3348d605&ec=Q1OTFlbDrdPG7XL-JXccPvphh20mu_TA"></script>

In our weekly series in which we introduce of under-20s players to our fans, meet half/five-eighth Daniel Schwass, a local from Mudgeeraba whose twin brother Hayden is also in our National Youth Competition squad.

30-03-14, 11:08 PM
Great young player with his head screwed on right , also my sons trainer along with Hayden :thumbsup:

30-03-14, 11:15 PM
Great idea to finally be putting content like this up on the website. Wish the club could also get some good highlight packages (or trick-shot videos, something...) for the the 20's players to excite non-local fans like myself about the talent coming through. Thanks for posting DH :thumbsup:

Hail Sezer
31-03-14, 04:56 AM
Daniel has some really high goals set and has the right attitude to achieve them. Good bloke, good footy player and hes the type of player that you want as an ambassador for the club

01-04-14, 01:29 PM
great stuff ... looking forward to more