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09-12-13, 10:55 AM
Whites Coach Scott Mahon

Braydon McMahon
Brett Stratton
Clay Nolan
Danial Coyle
Daymeric Pelo
Dylan Pelo
Jed Cartwright
Jerome Veve
Jesse Savage
Joseph Tangeria
Josh Ralph
Keanu Dawson
Kupi Ta'ala
Nick Burns
Nikau Wilson
Pounama Poihipi
Ross Afoa
Sam Ross
Shane Wright
Shaw Needham
Spencer Hepi
Taylor Walters
Te McDonald
Tom Raftery

Green - Darryl Fisher

Ethan Ahrens
Ethan Roberts
Jack Cook
Jerom Green
Jesse Greenway
Jordan Scott
Jordan Simms
Kasey Peira
Keanu Rimene
Keegan Hipgrave
Kyle Kalkoven
Liam Wyper
Max Elliot
Nathan Prostrama
Nick Bond
Riley Yates
Rory Lillis
Ryland Jacobs
Sam Elliot
Sam Swift
Shaziah Compain
Tom Sly
Zac Beacher
Zac Young

Hail Sezer
09-12-13, 10:59 AM
Noteable names?

I know Mcmahon/Pelo x2/Dawson/Wright/Hipgrave/Swift are all with us.

Any others who might get a look in in NYC later this year?

Hail Sezer
09-12-13, 11:06 AM
Minus hipgrave from that my baaaad

09-12-13, 11:09 AM
The Elliott brothers and Keanu Dawson are very good as well.

14-02-14, 07:27 PM
Anyone making trips up to watch either of the teams this weekend??

15-02-14, 02:47 PM
GC MM White side beat Sunshine Coast 20-16. They were down 16-4 at halftime.

Cyril Connell won 30-14

27-02-14, 11:22 AM
Anyone have the team lists for Mal Meninga Cup this week?

27-02-14, 01:50 PM
Week 1 squads for MM Cup


28-02-14, 10:43 AM
Gold Coast White V Wynnum Manly Seagulls at Kougari Oval

Mal Meninga 11.45am

1.Talor Walters

2.Sam Ross

3.Brent Stratton

4.Te McDonald

5.Pounama Poihipi

6.Nic Burns

7.Braydon Mcmahon {C}

8.Deymeric Pelo

9.Kupi Ta'ala

10.Jesse Savage

11.Dylan Pelo

12.Keanu Dawson

13.Jerome Veve


14.Josh Ralph

15.Jed Cartwright

16.Joseph Tangeria

17.Ross Afoa

28-02-14, 10:46 AM
Gold Coast Green V Easts Tigers at Pizzey Park

Mal Meninga 12.15pm

1.Keanu Rimene

2.Tom Sly

3.Zac Young

4.Nathan Prostamo

5.Sheaziah Compain

6.Ethan Roberts

7.Jordan Scott

8.Keegan Hipgrave

9.Jack Cook

10.Kasey Pereira

11.Max Elliot

12.Ethan Ahrens

13.Sam Swift ©


14.Jerome Greene

15.Kyle Kalkoven

16.Sam Elliot

17.Jordan Sims

Hail Sezer
28-02-14, 10:50 AM
It will be interesting to see how McMahon goes this year as he will be pushing for a halves spot in NYC next year for sure, perhaps even later this year.

Sam Swift I also wouldn't be surprised to see make the step up this year. Keanu Dawson another.

Disappointing that we apparently missed out on Talor Walters, who signed with the Knights

28-02-14, 11:04 AM
I wonder if Keanu Dawson will be ready to step up to 20s. . Considering he's still under 17.

I don't know if Talor Walters has signed with Knights as he's been included in the Titans development program

Hail Sezer
28-02-14, 11:20 AM
I wonder if Keanu Dawson will be ready to step up to 20s. . Considering he's still under 17.

I don't know if Talor Walters has signed with Knights as he's been included in the Titans development program

Interesting. Maybe he was just on a training basis with them over the off season

28-02-14, 11:33 AM
What's everyone thoughts on the Mm teams. Is there a stronger one or they both even???

02-03-14, 04:24 PM
MM Cup Green beat East 20-10
MM Cup White beat Wynnum 40-20

02-03-14, 08:43 PM
GOLD COAST WHITE 40 (Brett Stratton 2, Sam Ross, Braydon McMahon, Kupi Ta’ala, Josh Ralph, Jed Cartwright, Joseph Tangeria tries; Sam Ross 2, Braydon McMahon 2 goals) def WYNNUM MANLY SEAGULLS 20 (Joseph Burchell, Anthony Stebhens, Vita Ahosivi, Dominic Ragonesi tries; Vita Ahosivi 2 goals) at BMD Kougari Oval..

GOLD COAST GREEN 20 (Sheaziah Compain, Ethan Roberts, Jack Cook, Sam Swift tries; Ethan Roberts 2 goals) def EASTS TIGERS 10 (Brodie Croft, Lachlan Barr tries; Jayden Carroll goal) at Pizzey Park.

09-03-14, 07:26 AM
Round 2 Results

SOUTHS LOGAN MAGPIES 26 (Liam Roberts, Tom Landers, Joshua Tuilagi, Jaydn Sua, William Samuel tries; Brad Frith 3 goals) def GOLD COAST WHITE 20 (Taylor Walters, Braydon McMahon, Deymeric Pelo, Ross Afoa tries; Nic Burns 2 goals) at Brandon Park.

GOLD COAST GREEN 28 (Keegan Hipgrave 2, Sam Swift 2, Max Elliott tries; Jordan Scott 4 goals) def NORTHS DEVILS 24 (Sonny Munroe, Josh Fauid, Denzell Heketoa, Lachlan Lanskey tries; Adrian Henley 4 goals) at Bishop Park.

12-03-14, 03:35 PM
Highlights of GC White MM vs Souths Logan MM Cup from weekend.