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09-12-13, 10:16 AM
Coach Mark Ross

Alex Brims
Apiato Noema
Baily Gerrard
Ben Newland
Blake Buxton
Brandon Russell
Cruze Tamatea
Dallas Baihn
Drew McCullough
Ethan Paikea
Isaiah Perrett
Jack Evans
Jai Whitbread
Jodezhi Gage
Kallum Mackay
Nathan Ko'Cass
Sam Clarke
Samson Halatau
Sean Garner
Tahj Smart
Teichmann Willis
Vito Sula-Sioasa
Zaarne Bourke

Coach Dean Allan
Baily Gill
Brad Hallard
Brody Day
Christian Colman
Connor Snijder
Cooper Robinson
Duncan Harding
Emery Pere
Fletcher Harrold
Israel Oti
Jack Peacock
Jordan Birch
Liam Clarke
Locky Oxley
Malachi Morgan
Michael Chalmers
Nick Kells
Rick Clemens
Soloman Mafi
Steve Dresler
Tana Gordon
Tim Swain
Tom Platter

09-12-13, 10:29 AM
Good luck to the boys but there is one notable omission & that is Brent Wolfe who is ranked the number 1 halfback in QLD & is also the current Australian no9..

The Bronco's have swooped again..

Hail Sezer
09-12-13, 10:49 AM
Apiata Noema and Ethan Paikea. Hope we hang on to those 2 in particular!

09-12-13, 11:13 AM
Duncan Harding, Emery Pere, Sean Garner and Steve Dressler are very talented as well.

10-12-13, 09:54 AM
Apiata Noema and Ethan Paikea. Hope we hang on to those 2 in particular!

I know Ethan very well & he is staying put but he did not take the Titans offer up of a full Scholarship to TSS because if he goes there they tell him when & where he can play Rugby League which means he won't get the opportunity to play for QLD which in turn takes away the chance to play for Australia at the junior level.

This kid is a real star on & off the field & will be staying put because his family is here & thats the most important thing to him.

13-01-14, 11:00 AM
On a brighter note for the CC Squad (although only for the moment) the Bronco's have allowed Brent Woolfe to play with the team through this upcoming season...

If anyone gets the chance to watch this team play check it out & see if you can see why the Bronco's signed Brent at such a young age, or how the Titans had missed the boat..

01-02-14, 07:17 AM
There is a trial on today @ Runaway Bay if anyone is keen to watch these boys play kick off is 3pm..

Also another trial tomorrow for the 2nd team being played @ Cudgen Leagues

02-02-14, 09:17 AM
Both CC and mm green sides won vs Norths devils yesterdy

02-02-14, 09:36 PM
Both CC and mm green sides won vs Norths devils yesterdy

No they didn't , CC lead 14-0 & went down 18-14

02-02-14, 10:11 PM
No they didn't , CC lead 14-0 & went down 18-14

My bad I knew they were leading. Thought they came out on top. Coulsnt see scoreboard

28-02-14, 10:59 AM
Gold Coast White V Wynnum Manly Seagulls at Kougari Oval

Cyril Connell - 10.30am

1.Kallum Mackay

2.Zaarne Bourke

3.Jodezhi Gage

4.Sam Clark

5.Dallas Bain

6.Alex Brimson

7.Nathan ko'cass

8.Ethan Paikea

9.Vito Sula-Sioasa

10.Jai Whitbread

11.Apiato Noema

12.Dechlan Day

13.Sean Garner


14.Cruze Tamatea

15.Bailey Gerrard

16.Samson Halatau

17.Ben Valeni

28-02-14, 11:01 AM
Gold Coast Green V Easts Tigers at Pizzey Park

Cyril Connell 11.00am

1.Jesse Arthas

2.Brad Hallard

3.Michael Chalmers

4.Jordan Birch

5.Brody Day

6.Bayley Gill

7.Brent Woolf

8.Jack Peacock

9.Tom Plater

10.Solomon Mafi

11.Israel Oti ( C )

12.Emry Pere

13.Liam Clark


14.Rikihana Clemens

15.Fletcher Harrold

16.Malachi Morgan

17.Nickolas Kells

19.Steve Dresler

02-03-14, 07:42 PM
CC Green went down 26-20 to Easts only through poor discipline & a very heavy penalty count against them, good games from Peacock ,Plater, Otti & Woolf.

EASTS TIGERS 26 (Hayden O’Hara, 2, Daniel Brownbill 2, Cassius LeMan tries; Zak Taibi 3 *goals) def GOLD COAST GREEN 20 (Duncan Harding 2, Brent Woolf, Tom Plater tries; Tom Plater 2 goals) at Pizzey Park.

GOLD COAST WHITE 46 (Vito Sula-Sioasa 3, Apiata Noema 2, Jodezhi Gage, Dallas Bain, Cruze Tamatea tries; Sean Garner 6, Cruze Tamatea goals) def WYNNUM MANLY SEAGULLS 16 (Semi Lopeti, Damon Awhitu, Jack Brown tries; Steve Tatipata 2 goals) at BMD Kougari Oval.

03-03-14, 07:43 PM
Ohara and Brownbill are very talented young players in the easts side

09-03-14, 07:20 AM
SOUTHS LOGAN MAGPIES 24 (Sato Ketia-Opo 2, Tevita Unga-Wolske, Kobe Tararo tries; Sato Ketia-Opo 4 goals) def GOLD COAST WHITE 22 (Sam Clark, Alex Brimson, Ethan Paikea, Apiata Noema tries; Sean Garner 3 goals) at Brandon Park.

GOLD COAST GREEN 20 (Jesse Arthars, Connor Snijder, Jordan Birch tries; Tom Plater 4 goals) def NORTHS DEVILS 14 (Joe Stead, Kaleb Hart, Harry Sullivan tries; Lawson Creighton goal) at Bishop Park.