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20-12-11, 12:12 AM
Jamal Idris - 2013 Discussion Thread

General discussion on match performances, position, injuries, contracts, and anything else.

20-12-11, 12:14 AM
Lean machine Jamal Idris raises bar for Gold Coast Titans

THE baby fat has been stripped and a muscular Jamal Idris is set for a rebirth at the Gold Coast Titans next year.

Idris has been training the house down in Robina this pre-season, losing 4kg of body fat and 2cm from his skinfolds.

He has also added close to 2kg of muscle allowing him to break the club's bench pull record, which stood at more than 120kg.

Opponents should be nervous because Idris had previously just used his God-given size to smash anyone in his way as his young body was still developing in the gym.

Titans director of athletic performance Chris McLellan said he was delighted at the progress Idris had made since walking into Skilled Park six weeks ago.

"Because of his hand surgery he hasn't been able to do everything, but that hasn't stopped him doing as much as he can in the gym," McLellan said.

"He's down four kilos in six weeks. I'm very happy with Jamal.

"He's lost fat and he's put on a kilo or two of muscle."

The 21-year-old is currently 121kg and McLellan said he would drop a few more kilograms before round 1 in early March.

Idris has previously played in the 115-116kg range, but that could change next year as he will have less fat and more muscle.

"Playing at 118 is probably where he wants to be. I'm not sure if that's where we want him to be," McLellan said.

"It's only December so he will probably drop another three to four kilos.

"It's not about the scales though. It's about lean muscle mass and body fat.

"His skinfolds are down 20mm. He broke the bench pull record with one injured hand and when he's allowed to do bench presses again he will probably go close there.

"We haven't drawn a line in the sand in regards to a kilogram mark. If he can carry 118kg and still do the times we require him to do then that's fine."

Idris said his injured left hand would be healed in time for the trials.

"My fend should be pretty good because I've doing so many weights on the one arm," Idris joked.

"I've had a few pb's in the gym so far. I'm feeling really good and am loving the pre-season here at the Titans."

Idris is set to link up with lightning fast winger Kevin Gordon on the Titans' left edge.


20-12-11, 01:14 AM
Idris and Gordon to dominate next year

04-01-12, 08:44 PM
Idris focused on slimline NRL look

Jamal Idris says he's desperate to start the new NRL season with the Gold Coast in the best shape of his young career.

Idris endured a disappointing final campaign with Canterbury after announcing he was leaving to join the Titans midway through last year.

However, the giant centre, who has often struggled to control his weight, says he now understands what he must do to ensure he's in a position to get the most out of his unquestionable talent.

"I am always going to be a big guy," said the NSW and Australian representative, who stands at 194cm.

"I've been doing a lot of weights and feeling a lot stronger and have replaced some of the fat with muscle.

"But it's a case of watching what I do and ensuring I am in the best possible shape."

Idris has shed four kilos since reporting for pre-season and currently tips the scales at 121kg.

He believes he can get that down even further for the Titans season opener against North Queensland on March 3.

Idris is also confident a change of environment will improve him as a player.

"I am only 21 and feel I can get better, and that my best is still to come," he said.

"I'm looking forward to working under Carty and playing my footy up here."

Titans coach John Cartwright has been impressed with the attitude shown by his new signing and that he can help the side banish the memory of a woeful 2011 which ended with the wooden spoon.

"It is never easy for any player this time of year - we work them hard," he said.

"I'm happy with where Jamal is. Getting into full shape can take a little bit of time, but I believe he'll be fine.

"This time of year is a bit like Twenty-20 cricket - it's a bit of fun before the serious stuff starts."


06-01-12, 01:05 AM
Idris struggling to match his mates

GOLD Coast Titans coach John Cartwright says Jamal Idris's fitness is no concern despite the big-money recruit struggling to keep up with teammates a month out from his first match.

The 121kg Idris has looked to be struggling in some pre-season fitness sessions and is due to make his first appearance on February 4 when he laces up for the Indigenous All Stars at Skilled Park.

The 21-year-old has been the slowest in 2km time trials but Cartwright says the Titans' million-dollar man, who has linked with the club on a five-year deal, is ticking all the right boxes.

"If you're looking for Jamal to beat Zilly (William Zillman) it's never going to happen," Cartwright said after the the Gold Coast's first session of the year yesterday.

"But if you look at the improvement in Jamal, he's improved as much as anyone in his times.

"At 120kg, I dare anyone to go around and break world records for 2km trials.

"That's not what it's about. It's about looking at his improvement and his times have come down as good as anyone.

"He's getting there. He's a big lad. He's very young and you can't push him too hard."

Cartwright was so pleased with how the squad returned from the Christmas break that they've been given the rest of the week off training.

Five-eighth Zillman led the pack during yesterday's fitness testing while Idris said he was happy with his improvement since lobbing on the Gold Coast at about 125kg.

"I was feeling that, it shocked me a bit," he said of the road run.

"I got my personal best so I couldn't be happier.

"I'm not the smallest person in the world so I'll always be happy with that. Any improvement is an improvement and we'll go from here.

"It's hard to have the size and fitness. You can't have everything but you have to find that balance which is what I'm working towards. Right now I'm feeling good and I'm happy with where I'm at but if I can improve that'll be massive for me."

The Titans are now preparing for their first trial match against the Warriors in New Zealand on February 4, the same night as the All Stars match at Skilled Park.

Cartwright said the trials would give a strong indication on who would feature in Round 1 of the NRL against North Queensland in March.

"Everything's geared towards being ready for that game up there against the Cowboys," he said.

"Training for January will be back down to football.

The stuff on the road, bikes and rowing machines, is good to look at but January is about getting footballs in their hands and tackling.

"The pre-Christmas time is a bit like Twenty20 cricket. It's all a bit of fun, training hard and bonding as a group.

"But now we're into the Test stuff. It's serious. There's competition for places."


06-01-12, 02:42 PM
"At 120kg, I dare anyone to go around and break world records for 2km trials.

"He's getting there. He's a big lad. He's very young and you can't push him too hard."

"It's hard to have the size and fitness. "

If you are the heaviest player of all in the NRL AND a back then something is out of kilter here.

06-01-12, 07:02 PM
There aren't too many NRL players who log 2 km in any single run on the field. It's not really a good indicator. Usain Bolt would not have a great 2 km time compared to the 800m or 1500m runners either. We haven't bought Jamal to run around like a fullback or hooker he's In the centres to make tackles and bust tackles. He shouldn't be pushed hard to become a middle distance runner - that's not too going to help him do either.

06-01-12, 10:12 PM
Sure 'Goose but fairdinkum how does 121kg at this time of the year even partially equate to being fit as an outside back?

08-01-12, 11:36 PM
Jamal Idris reveals how he was happy to get away from dog-eat-dog world of Sydney

JAMAL Idris has revealed the unlikely role Mat Rogers played in luring the 21-year-old cult figure away from the "angry people" of Sydney to the glitter strip.

Rogers, a dual international, Queensland State of Origin star and foundation Gold Coast Titans player, was a childhood hero of Idris.

Idris fell in love with rugby league watching Rogers flash down the wing during his Cronulla Sharks days.

Knowing how highly Rogers spoke of the Titans played a key role in Idris spurning Newcastle Knights and Nathan Tinkler.

"The other day I was at a Titans function and I thought, 'wow, I'm sitting across the table from Mat Rogers'," Idris told The Daily Telegraph yesterday.

"Rogers was one of my favourites. I remember watching him when he was playing for the Sharks and he nailed a 67m drop kick. Growing up he was one of my idols and when I finally met him, he was a top bloke."

Rogers made a shock return to rugby league last July but his comeback lasted one game because of injury. But Rogers has hinted at making another NRL comeback if the Titans are again in trouble and has joined training on several occasions.

"I never say never," Rogers said.

"If the club you love is asking you to help out of course you would."

Regardless of whether The Rat is in a Titans jersey in 2012, the burden of expectation on Idris's enormous shoulders will be massive.

Idris has already played for Australia and NSW and become the subject of dozens of nasty rumours. The most hurtful of claims were reports he was so angry at being 18th man for NSW in Origin last year he sulked in the corner, refusing to join in activities.

The ex-Canterbury Bulldog believes people mistake his relaxed nature for a man not taking the game seriously.

"People can say what they want. They weren't there so they don't know," he said.

"If they think me having a smile on my face is me not wanting to be there then they have no idea. They need to look at their own lives.

"If they want to throw judgment at others, perhaps they need to judge themselves first.

"A lot of people criticise, but I just sit there and smile. At the end of the day, no matter who you are someone will criticise you."

Idris has battled homesickness throughout his brief career and spent the Christmas and New Year holidays back in his home town of Forster on the NSW mid-north coast.

On Friday, Idris told the world just how much he struggled to leave his home town. "Thinking bout going walkabout back home to Forster and just hiding from the world," Idris wrote on Twitter. He followed that tweet with another explaining he was just homesick - and when Idris talks about his childhood it's easy to understand why.

"We used to save our lunches all day at school and when the bell rang we would go down to the beach, swim across to this small island, attach our lunch to some fishing line and spend all afternoon fishing," Idris said.

It's the similarities between Forster and Gold Coast that have helped Idris adapt to the tourist strip. "I'm more of a coastal person. I feel more comfortable here," he said.

"City life is a bit extreme. There are a lot of angry people in the city.

"I don't like the speed of Sydney. How fast everything goes. It's a dog-eat-dog world in Sydney."

Idris likes the Gold Coast so much his mother is moving there.

"My mum is moving up in January and my brother's fiancee is from here so they are moving up here as well."

The Titans are set to use Idris as a left centre, pairing him with flying winger Kevin Gordon as the club fights back into finals contention after a wooden-spoon 2011.

Idris said he had only one goal for next season.

"I want to play the best footy I've ever played," he said.


09-01-12, 12:20 PM
Sure 'Goose but fairdinkum how does 121kg at this time of the year even partially equate to being fit as an outside back?

Just because he is 121kg does not mean he is unfit. At least he won't just get pushed aside in defence like half our other outside backs do

09-01-12, 01:36 PM
Just because he is 121kg does not mean he is unfit. He is quite unfit but is heading in the right direction

The Gladiator
09-01-12, 05:54 PM
lebron james weighs 125kgs and is pretty much the back of the basketball court...... he is fit

10-01-12, 09:37 AM
lebron james weighs 125kgs and is pretty much the back of the basketball court...... he is fit

Lebron also plays on a 28m court in a 40minute game. As a centre, big Jamal will need to fitten up a bit more, he is obviously getting there though.. He is in for a breakthrough year playing for the Blues ;)

10-01-12, 04:24 PM
That's 40 minutes of actual game time and he is required to output many more significant high intensity efforts in that time than an outside back in rugby league. There are only five of them on the court and because of the size of the court there is also alot of physicality in the NBA. If Idris can be as fit in league as LeBron is in basketball he will be going alright.

10-01-12, 11:40 PM
If Idris can get to this then we are good

http://m5.paperblog.com/i/0/9825/lebron-james-is-my-george-w-bush-L-GHIl9P.jpeg http://miamiheatnews.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/LeBron-James-Rumored-to-Guard-Amare-Stoudemire-in-Miami-Heat-News-212x300.jpg

11-01-12, 12:49 AM
Looks like we will have to wait for the trials and start of the NRL season for Jamal to answer his critics. I reckon he is primed for a benchmark season and will get a Kangaroos jersey for the Anzac Test.

23-01-12, 12:02 AM
JAMAL IDRIS might be slotting into the second row for the Indigenous All Stars side next month but Titans fans can expect to see the 195-centimetre (210cm with the fro) giant back in the centres with Beau Champion come round one of the NRL. Idris, who was in Sydney last week to shoot a cover for Foxtel magazine, has sprouted a few extra centimetres in the off-season and, according to close friends, has dropped as much as 7kilograms from his frame. The 21-year-old blew out to 125kg in 2011 but is already down to 118kg.


23-01-12, 09:48 PM
Jamal Idris


Date of Birth : 6 July, 1990
Height : 199 cm
Weight : 115 kg
Position : Centre
Rep. Honours : Australia - 2011, NSW Origin - 2011, Country Origin - 2010, Indiginous All Stars - 2010
Junior Clubs : Forster Hawks
Previous Clubs : Bulldogs
FG Debut : Bulldogs V Parramatta, Rnd 22 2008


Jammer or Marley after Bob Marley


4 years old

Broncos and Rabbitohs

Justin Hodges, Mal Meninga, Steve Renouf and Mat Rogers

Carl Lewis

Billy Slater, he's such a great player

The genuine help and support we receive from the community

Whenever they cheer!

Well I always have to wake up before I play....

My family have always been there for me

Humour, genuine people

Dishonest people

Fisherman or an oyster farmer

Own a little coffee shop and retire

Cairns, Forster and Fiji

Country, reggae

Coming to America

Thandi, Budha and Bob Marley

Go fishing

Fufu, Red Soup, Kasarva

Talking during fitness training

To buy $10 off someone and see the look on their face.

01-02-12, 09:10 PM
Gold Coast life is a beach for Idris

A fit and lean Jamal Idris says he's loving life on the Gold Coast and vowed to make a huge difference to the Titans who are looking to bounce back from claiming the NRL wooden spoon last year.

The giant former Canterbury star signed on for five years at the Titans last year as the marquee signing for a revamped squad that contains several new faces including Nate Myles, Luke Douglas and Beau Champion.

Idris endured a difficult final season with the Bulldogs where his form fell away after he announced he was leaving the club midway through the year.

However, the 21-year-old insists he will fulfil his undoubted promise under Titans coach John Cartwright.

"I'm loving it up here," Idris said on Wednesday.

"You walk down the street and people give you a wave and everyone is happy.

"But they've worked me hard in the gym. I've done a lot more weights than I am used to but I've really loved it."

Idris will play in the back-row for the Indigenous All Stars on Saturday against the NRL All Stars but said he would be lining up in the centres for the Titans this season.

Despite his poor 2011 campaign, Idris did make his international debut and was also part of the NSW camp for the State of Origin opener in Brisbane, but missed out for the final two matches.

Although one of his goals is getting back into the rep squads, he has his sights set on a different target.

"At the start of every year you start off with a few little goals and Origin is one of them," he said.

"But winning the premiership is my main target."

Former Queensland great Chris Close, who works for the Titans in a marketing position, said Idris has been a breath of fresh air to the club following last year's dismal campaign.

"He's been great, he is such a lovely kid and you look at him and sometimes forget he is so young," Close told AAP.

"He is a massive human being, and he has stripped a few kilos in the pre-season and the coaching staff have bulked him up.

"Jamal has the talent to be as good any player in the comp and from what I have seen of him so far in training he looks real good and I can't wait to see him next season."

Source: http://www.NRL.com

01-02-12, 11:28 PM
Stripped and bulked, Choppy has his media job in a squirrel grip.

04-02-12, 10:52 AM
Jamal Idris: 'I'm not built for Sydney'

JAMAL Idris is in the safest place in the world, cradled in his mother's arms as she walks along an exposed sandbar.

Suddenly, the four-year-old is in the water, pitched into the expanse between sandbar and shore.

It's only about 15m to land, but Idris and his young cousin, who was being carried by his aunty before he too was thrown in, cannot swim and the distance seems like an ocean.

"I guess it was either swim or go down and they'd have to jump in (and rescue us)," Idris said.

"But we ended up swimming in to shore, so that's how I ended up learning to doggie paddle."

The sink-or-swim moment at Wallis Lake, Forster, on the NSW mid-north coast, is Idris's first clear memory.

It did not panic or scare the youngster but had almost the opposite effect, instilling a sense of calmness and peace that is still often mistaken for apathy.

It was almost a baptism for Idris -- a man who still feels most at peace around water and family.

He's found both on the Gold Coast and believes it's the reason he will thrive in his new home at the Titans.

Idris is an enigma.

The son of an Aboriginal mother and Nigerian father, the 21-year-old is a 199cm, 120kg behemoth.

The flowing dreadlocks and eyebrow-piercing are a nod to the hippie leanings of his home town of Forster.

But he defies labels.

"I'm an Aboriginal man from Forster of the Worimi tribe and I'm also an African man," Idris said.

"That's me, I can't be anyone else. The best person I can be is me.

"A lot of people like to throw labels at you but at the end of the day, you're a human being.

"If someone asks who I am, I'm half-African and I'm half-Aboriginal, it's as simple as that. And I'm proud. I don't see many people of my mix."

It's fitting that Idris eschews tags.

There's not one that can describe the youngster who represented Australia in athletics and was touted as a future Olympian before his meteoric rise in rugby league.

He endured a tug of war between NRL clubs bidding for his services before he was 21, and when he decided on a rich deal with the Titans, critics called him money-hungry and disloyal.

Idris seems to have taken most of it in his stride -- although some of the criticism cut deep.

"People can say what they want, but until they're in the same position and until they've lived the exact life I have or been where I'm from and grew up exactly how I have, you can't say anything," he said.

"I'd never go to their work and judge them, just sit there and judge someone's decision. I enjoyed my time at the Bulldogs and I made great mates there, but (everyone needs to) move on. I have no regrets whatsoever."

It's a long road from the Aboriginal mission at Forster where he grew up to becoming one of the NRL's biggest stars.

Football came first. Idris started alongside older brother Isaac Simon -- a former Bulldogs lower-grade player -- when he was four, but athletics took over.

He represented Australia at world youth championships in discus and qualified for the world junior titles in javelin before football became his priority.

"My dad loves athletics. He loves footy too now, but with his African background he loved soccer and he loved athletics," Idris said.

"We used to go after school and he'd pick me up and take me training maybe four or five times a week after school and sometimes before school."

Many observers believe Idris could have become an Olympian if he'd stuck with athletics.

"Maybe two years ago, I'd think 'what if?' " Idris said.

"Where would you be? What could you do, what could you do now? But at the moment, I'm maturing a bit and I wouldn't want to be any place else."

It wasn't an easy decision but a footy team is like a family and few things matter more to Idris.

"It was a bit hard but I just thought: 'what do you enjoy more?' he said.

"There's an individual sport where it's just you, or there's a team sport.

"And I like being around people. I love the competition where you've got to rely on your mate as well.

"I like doing things together as a team.

"The moment where I went: 'I love football', was when I was 15 playing my under-16 grand final in Forster with my cousins in the same team; with mates that I knew since I was a kid playing in the same team as me.

"That was an event for me. It was different."

Idris will carry that sense of family on to the park tonight when he runs out for the Indigenous team in the annual All Stars clash.

"There's a bond there that you can't explain," he said.

"Because it's your culture and your heritage you just have a bond.

"So you want to run out there and you're going to play for each other."

Idris's professional career was almost accidental. Having left Forster for Sydney to focus on athletics training ahead of the world youth titles in the Czech Republic in 2007, where he made the shot-put final, Idris returned to be offered an S G Ball contract by the Bulldogs for the 2008 season.

The homesick teen had been persuaded by his mother to head to the big smoke on the proviso he could return to Forster when his athletics commitments were finished.

As it was only a 10-week competition, Idris was convinced to stay.

"I said I'd give it a crack and then I was going to go home," he said. "I started playing and then about four weeks into the season, they put me up to under-20s.

"And I said: 'how long does this go for?'

And they said: 'Twenty-six weeks'.

"And that's when all of these things started going through my head: 'I don't know if I'll be able to do it, I want to go back home'; and I started stressing out a bit.

"Mum just said to give it a crack and see how you go and, sure enough, at the end of the same season, Round 24, I debuted in first grade. So that was a big twist in my life."

The rapid rise exposed a personality trait that has often been mistaken. Idris's occasional homesickness and need to feel calm have often been taken for laziness.

The mere mention of the word evokes a long, loud sigh from the usually placid giant.

"There's so many judgmental people," he said.

"You can't judge other people's lives, you're not in their circumstances, you're not in their position.

"The best thing you can do is just work hard on your own and just be happy."

Idris admits he wasn't always happy in Sydney.

"I'm not built for Sydney, it's as simple as that," he said.

"Forster is home for me. I grew up in one of the most relaxed places in the world, surrounded by water, not too dissimilar from the Gold Coast."

His mother and brother will soon move to the Gold Coast, but it's the physical setting, as much as anything, that makes the difference.

"Being Aboriginal and us being water people, you would hear stories from your grandparents saying: 'we're Worimi people, when we're sick, we need to be in water. We heal faster and it makes us better and it cleans our souls'.

"Growing up, I just always needed to be near water. And still, I just need to be around water, simple as that. As long as I know I'm not too far from it, I'm happy.

"It just makes you feel relaxed and calm.

"There's nothing urgent about the ocean, there's nothing rushed about the ocean. There's nowhere the ocean's got to go."

For now, there's nowhere Idris has to go, either.

"I'm in a good head space. And that is a good sign for me.

"At the moment, I'm really happy and I just want to get on the field."

Source: http://www.goldcoast.com.au

04-02-12, 09:14 PM
Did anyone notice Idris in the All Stars game?

His best runs happened when he was on the right side cutting back in at speed (just ask Bailey). He had no impact when on the left, even looked a little unco near the sideline.

04-02-12, 09:21 PM
Yep, that's what I saw too.

04-02-12, 09:28 PM
Yep, that's what I saw too.I was actually getting mad thinking about it during a fun game. I dont want to be thinking in the early rounds that the Titans have 2 or 3 players playing out of position.

04-02-12, 10:42 PM
Ask Manu if he noticed Idris on the park.. Watching live at the match he had big Vatuvie's number in the 1st half

05-02-12, 01:08 AM
Ask Manu if he noticed Idris on the park.. Watching live at the match he had big Vatuvie's number in the 1st halfHe and Leroyd put a few good shots on Manu. Poor Bailey getting trampled haha

Princey's Titanz
05-02-12, 08:47 AM
Did anyone notice Idris in the All Stars game?

His best runs happened when he was on the right side cutting back in at speed (just ask Bailey). He had no impact when on the left, even looked a little unco near the sideline.

Im getting scared thinking Idris wont play well on the left side. Idris didnt make a great deal of an impact in the game.

I know he was playing out of position so lets wait and see for round one.

05-02-12, 11:17 PM
We are looking for a right side backrower to stand-up and be counted. I'm still a fan of Zillman at left centre, where that leaves Jamal and Champion is perhaps in combination on the right side. Still leaves us hoping one of Sezer, Rankin or Henry fill the 5/8 void and having eithe Phil Graham, Javarn White or Rankin at fullback.

06-02-12, 08:27 PM
I think that team combinations will effect Jamals performance on the left side.

I know it was on the right side, but his best efforts on saturday night were when he cut back and ran of BIRD, a titans team mate he has been training with.

Bird also does most of his work on left side if i remember correct, so that could be a pretty deadly combo for us, Bird drawing them in and offloading to Jamal.

im not too too concerned yet about his leftside play.

05-03-12, 04:57 PM
Jamal Idris puts NRL premiership glory with Titans ahead of Origin, Test ambitions

Gold Coast Titans centre Jamal Idris slips a pass away in his impressive NRL premierhsip debut for the club Picture: Evan Morgan Source: News Limited

HE MADE his NRL debut as a teenager and played State of Origin and Test football before his 21st birthday.

Now Jamal Idris wants to tick the most important box of all by helping Gold Coast to a watershed premiership.

The Titans' $1.8 million recruit revealed his ambition to win a title was a driving force in his outstanding two-try performance to help sink the Cowboys 18-0 at Dairy Farmers Stadium on Saturday night.

In his official debut for the club, Idris opened the scoring after only five minutes before crossing for the 74th-minute try that suggested the 199cm giant could be the buy of the season in 2012.

On current form, Idris, 22 in July, is making all the right noises to again enter Origin and Test calculations. But the dreadlocked centre said winning a premiership with his colleagues at the Titans, rather than any personal glories, would be the most gratifying achievement in football.

"I'm more focused on helping the club win a premiership than anything else," said Idris, who won his maiden NSW Origin jumper in 2010 and made his Test debut last season.

"I don't feel I need to prove anything to myself (by playing rep football), I'm having the time of my life here. Winning a premiership with your mates, that trumps everything.

"I've heard the stories about guys who have won grand finals and they say there's no better feeling. That's all they talk about and that's why guys get tattoos (to mark premiership wins) on their body. I'd love to experience that feeling."

Of course, no one at the Titans is talking titles after one win, but foremost in Idris's memory bank is the Broncos' premiership defeat of the Roosters 12 years ago.

He had just turned 10.

"I loved watching Lote Tuqiri, he was just a freak and at the time as a kid I thought he was the quickest guy in the world," he said.

"Justin Hodges (Broncos centre) is another guy I've looked up to.

"I used to go for the Broncos when I was a kid, my brother followed them, and that grand final win really had an effect on me."

Idris has been previously pilloried for his approach to training but the Bulldogs recruit has stripped 7kg over summer to enter the new campaign in the best shape of his career.

Cowboys rival Robert Lui saw Idris first hand on Saturday night and believes his backline presence can transform the Titans.

"He's a huge guy, he looks as fit as ever," Lui said.

"He's one of those guys with raw talent ... you just can't stop him when he's in the mood."


17-08-12, 10:31 PM
IT'S now been 98 days since Canterbury last tasted defeat - to the Gold Coast Titans at Suncorp Stadium way back in round 10.

So who better to reveal the blueprint to upending the premiership favourites than Titans centre Jamal Idris, who spent four seasons at Belmore before switching to the holiday strip this year.

"We really concentrated on stopping their offloads - because if you stop that then you go a long way toward stopping Ben Barba," Idris told us. "He's always pushing up on guys like Frank Pritchard and Sam Kasiano, who look to charge straight through you and get their arms free.

"The key is locking their arms, and our forwards did a great job.

"We wanted them to try to go around us rather than through us, and that's what they had to do."

The laid-back Idris watches barely any football on TV and has not seen a Bulldogs match apart from the two times they've met Gold Coast.

"But I do still talk to a lot of the boys like Mick Ennis and Josh Reynolds," he said. "They sound like they're in a really good place."

So, too, is Idris.

He's just bought a new four-bedroom pad in Varsity Lakes, just a short drive from Skilled Park.

"I needed something big for my family," Idris laughed.


Sydney Titans Fanatic
04-09-12, 01:36 PM
Hip defect behind Idris's performance


THE Titans' seven-figure super signing Jamal Idris has revealed an abnormality in his hip, which requires delicate bone-shaving surgery, was behind his lacklusture debut season on the Gold Coast.

Idris arrived at Titans headquarters this year with big expectations but failed to fire with publicised ankle, foot and hamstring injuries leading to a stuttering season.

The 22-year-old finished the year with just five tries from 20 matches. Two of those came in the round 1 win over North Queensland.

A candid Idris has revealed, for the first time, that a genetic problem in his hips was the catalyst for the horror season but he would put off surgery until he found peak condition.

"My (hip) socket is almost like a square. I can only get a certain level of flexibility," he said.

"I thought I'm going to need to get a bit of bone shaved off (my hips) and carved but they're willing to put that off.

"It leaves you a bit more susceptible to lower limb injuries so I've got to work more on loosening it up.

"It's just the way I was born," Idris said. "It prevents me getting flexibility in my hamstrings and other parts.

"Eventually it's (surgery) something I'll get done."

Despite what seemed a horror year, Idris was yesterday named in the Kangaroos train-on squad alongside Titans teammates Nate Myles, Greg Bird and Will Zillman.

Idris signed with the Titans on a five-year deal worth $2 million and was supposed to form a strike centre combination with Beau Champion.

Champion's season was crushed by injuries and there were few highlights for Idris, who said he hoped to use 2012 as a stepping stone.

"It was a bit rattled with injuries at the start of the season. That hurt me getting my roll on," Idris said. "The club's been unbelieveable, people are amazing and Gold Coast in general is awesome.

"It's a stepping stone. It's a start. I can only build up from here."

One of the dilemmas Idris has faced is finding a way to get more involved in games.

His tackle busts (79) were the second highest at the club this year behind fullback William Zillman (89) but he rarely found the ball enough.

Idris said the nature of his position meant he didn't touch the ball often but he would be happy to move into the forward pack if needed.

"The thing is I'm a centre. Unfortunately in my position, I'm not a forward, I've got to wait for the ball," he said.

"In saying that, I'm still looking for connections.

"I'll play wherever they put me. As long as I'm on the field I'm happy. You're involved a bit more (in the forward pack) and can get the ball whenever you want. Whatever's best for the team."

Idris's weight made headlines midway through the season. Cartwright was forced to defend his star centre after he struggled to train due to the nature of his injuries.

Idris said he was determined to have a strong pre-season and register a string of consecutive games early next year.

"As long as I get the first four or five games in at the start of the season, that's going to be my focus.

Jamal's Hamstring
04-09-12, 06:08 PM
**** me. Jamal's Hip doesn't have the same ring to it.

And Willy as Australian full back?!

04-09-12, 06:31 PM
**** me. Jamal's Hip doesn't have the same ring to it.!haha, you better hope he doesn't succumb to a groin injury. Or maybe you like the sound of "Jamal's pulled groin muscle" :laugh:

I'll give the bloke the benefit of the doubt on this one, since I've thrown enough negative vibes his way during the season. But who waits until they reach "peak fitness" before going in for hip surgery?

Go and get it done ASAP and give it time to mend, and then start working to "peak fitness" FFS!!! :doh:

04-09-12, 06:45 PM
haha, you better hope he doesn't succumb to a groin injury. Or maybe you like the sound of "Jamal's pulled groin muscle" :laugh:

I'll give the bloke the benefit of the doubt on this one, since I've thrown enough negative vibes his way during the season. But who waits until they reach "peak fitness" before going in for hip surgery?

Go and get it done ASAP and give it time to mend, and then start working to "peak fitness" FFS!!! :doh:

I'm a Jamal Supporter (not sure why). But yeah, tend to agree with ya with this one, C-Whiz. He should be getting the op ASAP.

05-09-12, 12:34 AM
In the interests of a balanced debate: oh come on ... what a crock.

05-09-12, 10:07 AM
Just to quote myself from back in May, this year. It seems I wasn't too far off the mark. Only one joint away..

On a side note.. I'm no Physio, but Idris best make a genuine effort to maintain his weight, especially while he plays RL. Because his running gait (running style), he really does give his knee's and ankles a hiding/caning. If he doesn't have issues throughout his career with them. It's bound to catch up with him post NRL, when he does eventually balloon out, later on in life..

I wish I was joking, but I do hold some serious concerns about it..


There's something to chew on, in the interests of a balanced debate. :p

08-11-12, 03:11 PM
Time for Idris to get physical

TWO men have been entrusted with transforming Gold Coast Titan Jamal Idris from a million-dollar flop into an NRL force.

Former Origin and Test representative Idris had a horror first year on the Gold Coast, with poor form and multiple injuries meaning he ballooned to well over 120kg.

The former Bulldog had off-season surgery to correct a hip problem and will miss the first three weeks of pre-season training.

But new strength and conditioning coach Dan Ferris and his assistant, rugby league legend Martin Lang, have already put Idris on a new diet to help him become the wrecking ball he should be.

The Titans have upped their involvement with a dietician this year to battle the bulge and Ferris admitted he had work to do on improving Idris' condition.

"Jamal, when he first came here, was probably a bit too big. He knew that himself," said Ferris, who has replaced Chris McLellan.

"We've set him a target where he needs to be and we'll keep that target between us.

"He's already on the way. He's 100 per cent better than when he first arrived last year.

"The big thing is he's had that off-season surgery for his hips and he says he feels like a new man.

"That's a big bonus. (Last year) he could hardly run. He had his hamstring injuries and what not."

Former Shark and Panther Lang is new to the club, having worked with now defunct A-League outfit Gold Coast United.

The Titans have employed dietician Kellie Hogan on a consultancy basis in the past but will have her on board more often this season.

Idris and new recruit Dave Taylor have had well-publicised weight battles and Ferris said it was important for the younger brigade to have a better understanding of nutrition.

"It (nutrition focus) has (lacked in the past). It's because we've had a core group of young players," he said. "Most of the guys are local but we've had some guys move from Sydney who have come up and now living by themselves.

"We've set a target for the guys and where they think they need to be.

"It's more about education from our point of view. She's there to make sure they eat the right things and make their own decisions."

Ferris said the team was looking to make improvements.

"We were only just outside the top eight so there was only some small improvements we had to make," he said.

"On the field we're going to do a bit longer distance to make sure we can compete with the other teams.

"We want to make them bigger, stronger and faster in every area."

The Titans were slogging it out in their altitude chamber yesterday with personalised heart-rate monitors and a new gym making them one of the most advanced clubs in the NRL.


08-11-12, 04:37 PM
The big thing is he's had that off-season surgery for his hips and he says he feels like a new man
Liposuction? Just kidding ... c'mon ya big unit!

17-12-12, 01:31 PM
From NRL.com <http://www.nrl.com/idris-aiming-high-for-titans-in-2013-nrl/tabid/10874/newsid/70533/default.aspx>

Gold Coast utility Jamal Idris says he's put his injury woes behind him and is set to start repaying the Titans after a difficult first year at the NRL club.

Idris was a seven-figure signing from Canterbury at the end of 2011 but failed to fire in his first year with the Titans, battling ankle, foot and hamstring complaints.

The 199cm, 115kg giant admits his first year on the Gold Coast was frustrating as he struggled to play at his best due to his continual niggles.

But off-season surgery to correct a genetic hip problem has Idris feeling confident he can regain the sort of form that made the Titans offer him such a lucrative deal to leave Belmore.

"I'm starting to stride out a little bit more and the running technique's getting a lot better since surgery," Idris told reporters on Monday.

"I've been doing a lot more work without the ball, so a lot more fitness stuff and in the gym because I haven't been able to run due to the surgery but the road to recovery's been good."

Idris was one of three Titans named in the emerging New South Wales State of Origin squad which will hold a three-day camp in Sydney from January 18.

The 22-year-old made his sole Origin appearance for the Blues in 2010, when he was viewed as one of the brightest prospects in the game.

And Idris is hoping he can regain that sort of form in 2013.

"That's the pinnacle of rugby league - you want to play there," he said.

"This year, I want to play the best footy I can and, if you do that, you give yourself the best opportunity to get into the Blues side."

The Titans have also provided two players to the Queensland emerging Origin squad, with young forward Ben Ridge continuing his impressive rise after a breakthrough 2012 campaign and fullback Will Zillman also named.

The Queensland squad will join Maroons coach Mal Meninga and Queensland Academy of Sport rugby league director Wayne Bennett in a camp from January 25 to 27


I foresee Idris having a hugely improved season in 13'. He could be a real weapon for us outside what is looking like a much fitter Dave Taylor

17-12-12, 01:39 PM

Looking fitter already... he's gotta be close to the biggest center in the game right?

Can our squad fit him in as a second rower considering we already have so much talent there, not to mention the fact that we're light on strike centers?

And geez he's got a good highlight reel... this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaAvyer6SF8)for example

He really could be anything - fitness and attitude are his biggest issues.
Hopefully he delivers

17-12-12, 01:52 PM
At the Fan Xmas Day he looked much slimmer, happier and fit for this stage of the off-season...a BIG improvement on this time last year.
Fingers and toes crossed he has uninterrupted pre-season with injury because he should be looking very sharp by Round 1.

17-12-12, 02:05 PM
At the Fan Xmas Day he looked much slimmer, happier and fit for this stage of the off-season...a BIG improvement on this time last year.
Fingers and toes crossed he has uninterrupted pre-season with injury because he should be looking very sharp by Round 1.

ahh that's great to hear ... i always felt for the bloke considering how much he copped from us last year. Yes he gets paid (ALOT) to perform; but he just seemed like a real young kid, struggling to adjust to his new club and the profile of being a marquee signing - the injuries, weight blow-out and reported family dramas at the start of last season couldn't have helped either.

Really good to hear he seemed happier. I would think that'd make a huge difference in his attitude and on field performance this year - and obviously the fitness will keep improving. The squad over-all looks fitter so far this pre-season.

JI has so, so much potential. it's scary to think how young he is and what he could do with his career under the right coaching...

my appendages are also crossed for him.

18-12-12, 03:50 AM
Good luck to Jamal, he is a great bloke with heaps of talent. He has suffered alot of heat and pressure, even back to his break out days at the Bulldogs.

It'd love to see him destroying sides like we know he can. Fitness is a big part of it. Looks like he is coming through.

big bear
09-01-13, 12:10 PM
We all hope he performs a hell of a lot better than 2012.A club out lays so much money and gets nothing in return.Four /Five hundred thousand is a hell of a lot of money.Honestly i think this young man will not spend a long time in the game but will make enough money to last him the rest of his life if he looks after it.Not a crticism just a observation,

10-01-13, 08:17 PM
At the Fan Xmas Day he looked much slimmer, happier and fit for this stage of the off-season...a BIG improvement on this time last year.
Fingers and toes crossed he has uninterrupted pre-season with injury because he should be looking very sharp by Round 1.Yeah, I had the pleasure of spending 2 minutes chatting with him while waiting for the chair-o-plane ride (my kids went on it, and then he went on it!) and he was a genuinely nice guy to talk too. I've given him a fair bit of criticism over the last season, and tbh, I think most of it is deserved for his actual performances, but it's when you actually meet these guys and you find out what they are really like and you can feel a bit embarressed.

Having said that, they get paid for their on-field performance, and that's what we look forward to seeing, so hopefully his recent surgery will be the asnwer to him finding some good form and fitess and being the explosive weapon we all know he is capable of being.

Good luck Jamal for 2013. I might even make you a banner to show there are no hard feelings. :thumbsup:

big bear
14-01-13, 05:25 PM
Glad to here that after a 2 minute chat you found him to be a nice guy.That nice guy is here for a reason,and it is time he earned his rediculous salary.Look no further for value for money than Bailey Harrison & Miles.I hope these 3 men are paid more than Idris but i dont think so.

Hail Sezer
07-03-13, 02:41 PM
Can someone confirm if Jamal has shaved his head? I've heard reports that he has

07-03-13, 09:13 PM
take 2 seconds off his 40m time if he has

Hail Sezer
07-03-13, 09:18 PM
take 2 seconds off his 40m time if he has

2kg off his dry weight too

07-03-13, 09:23 PM
What they showed on the news tonight at training. He still had all his hair. Don't know when footage was taken though.

Could you imagine him with a crew cut. :laugh:

08-03-13, 03:06 PM
Can someone confirm if Jamal has shaved his head? I've heard reports that he has
I hope not! I have ordered a dreadlock wig on ebay as part of my Jamma fan outfit! :doh:

Anyone else wanna join the Jamma Fan Club? :thumbsup:

I'm gonna be his number #1 fan this year! I rode him hard last year, but 2013 is gonna be the year of the Jamma! :salute:

That might be my new banner.....

08-03-13, 03:15 PM
ill wig it up with you C-WIG!

wear it around tallai for nine holes too before an away game.

08-03-13, 03:34 PM
ill wig it up with you C-WIG!

wear it around tallai for nine holes too before an away game.Haha, sweet. Jamma Fan Club is growing!! I hear he can play a bit of golf too.

08-03-13, 04:40 PM
What a turnaround, only last year he was being viewed as a over-priced fat turd. Incredible what can happen during an off season. :D

No harm intended fella's. :)

08-03-13, 05:09 PM
Even if he is an over-priced fat hairy turd, he's our turd now and we must embrace him ... omg, what did I just write?

08-03-13, 05:53 PM
Even if he is an over-priced fat hairy turd, he's our turd now and we must embrace him ... omg, what did I just write?

Hahaha, love it. :laugh:

08-03-13, 08:08 PM
i love jamma , when he was a doggy he was at the athletics stadium having a team meeting and had the decency to come up to me while warming up and wish me luck

08-03-13, 08:14 PM
I've been fond of him since his Doggie Days. Love the big hits he puts on occasionally. One of his best was on Birdy at Suncorp (Bulldogs Home Game), sorry to say..

09-03-13, 07:19 AM
What a turnaround, only last year he was being viewed as a over-priced fat turd. Incredible what can happen during an off season. :D

No harm intended fella's. :)Last year he was fat and overpriced, but you called him a turd, not me! :D

No harm taken mate. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, with his hip problems etc. Now it's up to him to prove his critics wrong.
I am more than happy to stand corrected! :thumbsup:
That's why I am getting in early as his number 1 fan! :p

09-03-13, 09:01 AM
Yup, admittedly no one last year referred to him as a turd.

But no doubt it is a remarkable turnaround since his post-op. He must be feeling a Million Bucks for it, and he should be quite devastating this year if he goes forward instead of sideways, this year. :thumbsup:

09-03-13, 10:30 AM
You're only a true fan of his if he is in your Dream team ... now who else has him?

09-03-13, 10:55 AM
me ^ :) ahahahah

09-03-13, 11:39 AM
You're only a true fan of his if he is in your Dream team ... now who else has him?

Yeah i do, hoping for alot of points:P

09-03-13, 12:53 PM
Hes in my wife's team. It was him or Boyd...

09-03-13, 01:58 PM
Good pick in supercoach DT does the destruction idris scores tries

11-03-13, 12:35 PM
If you didn't already know, Jamma's amazing transformation is explained here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBTZKYDskwU&sns=em


11-03-13, 12:49 PM
:laugh: What a crack up :laugh:

Cheers for sharing, Titus. :thumbsup:

11-03-13, 12:56 PM
If you didn't already know, Jamma's amazing transformation is explained here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBTZKYDskwU&sns=em


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/PBTZKYDskwU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This is hilarious, worthy of its own thread. :laugh:

11-03-13, 12:59 PM
Shared it on the Legion facebook page.

11-03-13, 01:16 PM
Shared it on the Legion facebook page.

Champions!!!! Hahahaha, glad you like it. Would love to see the stands jumping this year!!

11-03-13, 05:21 PM
That video is awesome, haha

Sydney Titans Fanatic
26-04-13, 08:20 AM
TOWERING Titans centre Jamal Idris is confident the points will start flowing for him soon with his best defensive form coinciding with the longest try-scoring drought of his career.

Idris has begun 2013 in prime form without the ball, upping his defensive input and forming a watertight right-side combination with Albert Kelly and David Mead.

But the Country centre is still searching for the killer blow in attack after failing to score a try in his last 11 NRL matches.

The longest Idris had previously gone without scoring was 10 games in 2009-10 while at the Bulldogs. He broke that streak with a double.


While Idris hasn't crossed the white line in a while, he has been contributing in other areas of the Gold Coast's attack with two try assists, two linebreak assists and 21 tackles busts.

The 112kg wrecking ball said he was thrilled with his early-season defence and the tries would come with time.

"I'm pretty happy with myself at the moment. I said to myself at the start of the season I wanted to pick that (defence) up,'' he said.

"It's been something I've worked on pretty hard for the past two years. My defence has been good so now I've just got to keep running hard.''

"At the end of the day, we're winning so I'm doing my job as a centre. Tries will come.''

The most pleasing aspect about the 22-year-old's start to the year has been his defensive reads.

He has rarely made the wrong decision in the line and it's showing with the Titans conceding just six tries down the right side in as many matches.

After off-season hip surgery, Idris said he had confidence in running down his opposite centres with a clash against wonderkid Dane Gagai on the cards against Newcastle at Skilled Park on Sunday.

"That's something (defensive reads) I had to work on a bit as well,'' he said.

"I feel like I'm making the right decisions. Obviously every now and then you're going to make the wrong decision but if the outside guys know what you're doing they can help you out.

"I'm feeling a lot better laterally. Turning and running is that much easier for me.

"I'm happy to show people the outside.''

After playing in the back-row and left centre against Parramatta a fortnight ago, Idris will shift back to his preferred side against Knights.

He'll partner with rookie winger Anthony Don while Mark Minichiello and Dave Taylor will form a new-look right-side back-row pairing.

Co-captain Nate Myles missed yesterday's field session with a groin complaint but will play and Idris said he expected the Titans to be targeted down their side.

"I'm going to have Anthony Don out there. He played awesome in his debut and deserves another crack,'' he said.

"There's not much difference. They're (Don and Mead) both great players and their workrates are up there.

"Meady's played more games but you get experience from playing, which is what he's going to get.

"If they want to come at me then that's football. Both sides should be expecting traffic.''

23-07-13, 09:37 AM
Jamal was on Matty Johns' show last night on Fox Sports.

Boy does he have an amazing personality, I just love the bloke. He even sang!

Bayside Titan
23-07-13, 01:04 PM
Jamal was on Matty Johns' show last night on Fox Sports.

Boy does he have an amazing personality, I just love the bloke. He even sang!
Yeah saw the same show...He really love Country Music....Yeah loved his singing...

23-07-13, 01:21 PM
Yeah saw the same show...He really love Country Music....Yeah loved his singing...

He really is a character and sure in his own self.

Also a great TV show, that Matty Johns show.

Bayside Titan
23-07-13, 01:43 PM
He really is a character and sure in his own self.

Also a great TV show, that Matty Johns show.
Didnt like the show at the start as I thought that Matty was up himself.... But can't stand NRL 360...Ikin just loves the sound of his own voice...and kent looks smug all the time....
Last night Idris looked really comfortable...

06-08-13, 07:47 AM
TITANS giant Jamal Idris is set to be fit for finals footy after revealing his specialist "freaked out" at how quickly his broken leg had healed.

Idris's remarkable ability to recover has him on track for a shock return if the Titans are able to reach the playoffs.

The barnstorming centre will have screws removed from his ankle next week, little more than a month after surgery to repair horrific injuries suffered in a game against the Knights.

The diagnosis shocked Brisbane surgeon Ben Foster when Idris visited last Friday, and now his speedy healing ability has him on track for a return.

"I saw the surgeon (last Friday) and they always tend to freak out because I heal quick, I don't know what it is," Idris said.

"But I'll be getting the screws out next week and I'll be walking straight away."

Idris broke his fibula and dislocated his ankle early in the Titans' horror loss to the Knights on a muddy Newcastle pitch on June 30.

While the ankle was successfully put into place in a Newcastle hospital after the match, Idris had surgery in Brisbane the following day, in which he had a plate placed in his broken leg and screws in and around his ankle to stabilise the joint.

"I've got a fair bit of metal in there," he said.

But he will still be racing time to play again this season.

The Titans' complete their fixture season against the Storm in Melbourne on September 7, with Idris hoping he can line up in the opening week of finals if Gold Coast make the playoffs.

"(The screws will be taken out) five-and-a-half, six weeks (after surgery) and then they're saying that it's four or five weeks (after that)," he said.

And while his comeback is dependant on the Titans making the finals, Idris is pleading with his teammates to continue the winning roll they started against the Wests Tigers on Sunday to push their way back into the eight.

"No pressure but get into the finals please," he said.