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12-08-11, 12:56 PM
hi my name is stacy my nephew Addam Jack is a big fan of the Titans and is going to watch his first live game on his 13th birthday Titans vs Raiders and i was wondering if one of the players would give him an autogragh and take a picture with him

13-08-11, 06:14 AM
hi stacy

thats great to hear that he will get to see his first live game. there are a few ways to get photos/autographs..

1. is if you were down the legion end at full time, as the players come over to the fence win or lose.

2. the other and probably a better one for you, is to take hime around to 'GATE A' which is on the western side. this is where the players exit the stadium and they are always ready to sign autographs and pose for photos with the fans as they leave.

i do hope this helps..

10-12-11, 01:20 AM
Hi! and Welcome :banana: