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03-04-11, 12:09 PM
Dominique Peyroux - 2011 Discussion Thread

General discussion on match performances, position, injuries, contracts, and anything else.

27-07-11, 08:57 AM
Jetstar Titans Coach John Cartwright today named the 22-year-old on the wing in place of the injured Steve Michaels (concussion) as reward for a string of strong performances for Queensland Cup feeder club Tweed Heads Seagulls this year.

Peyroux, who represented Cook Islands at the 2009 Pacific Cup, was part of the club’s National Youth Competition Under-20s team in 2009 alongside the likes of Kevin Gordon and Jordan Rankin, and has since been in the Titans’ feeder system with Tweed Heads.

Cartwright said he was pleased to be giving Peyroux the chance to show his skills in first grade after erring on the side of caution to rest Michaels due to some recent head knocks.

“He’s done a good job down there at Seagulls,’’ said Cartwright of Peyroux, who was 18th man last weekend.

“(Tweed) have been in the zone down there and Dom’s been an important part of that. He’s a very enthusiastic fellow and he’s eaten up everything that’s been thrown at him and has improved himself to a level where we think he’s ready for a chance.


27-07-11, 08:58 AM
I am very excited for Dom. Especially because he played for the Cook Islands.

More cultural diversity for the Titans. I love it. And the Cook Islands is often the forgotten member of the Pacific Rugby League community. But they play tough, I've seen them play and I was impressed.

27-07-11, 09:05 AM
Peyroux to make NRL debut with Titans

BIG-hitting outside back Dom Peyroux has vowed to 'go all out' against the Newcastle Knights on Sunday after being handed his long-awaited NRL debut.

In a further show the Titans are using the final rounds to look to the future, 22-year-old Peyroux will line up on the wing in place of Steve Michaels, who looks set to miss at least a fortnight as he recovers from a serious concussion suffered against the Cowboys at the weekend.

Standing 185cm tall and weighing 96kg, Peyroux has been steadily making a name for himself in the Queensland Cup, with his take-no-prisoners approach in both attack and defence proving a highlight this season for undefeated Titans feeder club Tweed Heads

"Sometimes you need to play it safe and hold back and other times you really want to smash someone to make a point.

"I guess we will see what happens.

"I will just do what I do best, and try my hardest for the team.

"This is my first game but I will be playing as if it is my last."

The road to the NRL has not been an easy one for Peyroux.

The New Zealand-born winger-centre first came to Australia as a 17-year-old and was quickly signed by the Sydney Roosters.

He featured heavily in the Roosters' 2008 under-20s side before moving to the Gold Coast with his family and first linking with the Titans uner-20s in 2009, representing the Cook Islands that same year.

But after failing to win a first-grade contract, Peyroux refused to throw in the towel and returned to Tweed Heads to carve out his NRL dream.

A boom season in the Queensland Cup last year led to a fringe deal with the Titans in 2011 and his impressive performances this season have seen it already extended out to 2012.

He still works as a removalist and labourer in between training sessions to make ends meet.

"But at the end of the day it has been about chasing the dream and not the money," he said.

"It has been hard at times, like when you look at all these young stars like (William) Hopoate coming through the ranks and you are still playing Queensland Cup.

"But I just thought to myself that I have got to persevere until I get an opportunity to make a name for myself and my family.

"A lot of players take the opportunities they have for granted, being able to play the sport they love and being paid to do it.

"I have done it the hard way and I appreciate all the support my family have given me."

Peyroux's proud father Malcolm, who is of Cook Island/French descent, and mum Rosa, who is Samoan-Solomon Islander, are fixtures at every Tweed Heads home game.

"Dad is my No.1 supporter, he loves it," Peyroux said.

"Mum is my biggest critic.

"If I have a bad game she will always tell me that I could have played better.

"So then I would always try and prove her wrong next game.

"It has been awesome having her and dad behind me."


27-07-11, 02:45 PM
I really hope he just settles in and keeps his head.

27-07-11, 09:01 PM
I really hope he just settles in and keeps his head.I hope he drops Uate cold :D

14-08-11, 09:42 PM
DOm has showen so potential, just needs to keep his head a bit calmer and he could be a good thing.

14-08-11, 09:52 PM
Dom has shown almost every other centre we've had this year how one should defend the tryline.

he hits hard with first contact forcing them backwards instead of rolling backwards with them closer to the line or over it.

He did it heaps of times and stopped a bunch of times against the sharks, and a few times against melbourne. It is almost a shame we bought 2 new centres as this kid looked a good fit for next year.

I can here Will Smith in Bad Boys watching him play..."NOW THATS HOW YOU DEFEND THE LINE!! FROM NOW ON,THAT HOW YOU DEFEND THE LINE!!!

14-08-11, 09:54 PM
also, if he keeps playing well, when will we change his name to Dom Perignon?