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03-04-11, 12:08 PM
Mark Minichiello - 2011 Discussion Thread

General discussion on match performances, position, injuries, contracts, and anything else.

10-04-11, 12:19 PM
He seems to have lowered his mistake rate and in front of some serious competition for his spot he's my first picked backrow this year.

10-04-11, 12:22 PM
I missed his game against the Raiders and apparently played well.
He was quiet against the Cowboys.

13-04-11, 11:11 AM
He's totally sexy

13-04-11, 11:16 AM
He's totally sexy

Are you his mum?

13-04-11, 11:24 AM
Haha nah.

He's got feet for hands at times, but there's few better when it comes to chalking up good meters on the fringes

13-04-11, 12:33 PM
Tell you what, watching Mini making 30-40 meters every run in the second half against the Raiders... had me licking my fingers.

I think Minis future is coming off the bench for impact, he a wild mother ****er!

13-04-11, 10:06 PM
Yea he's certainly got it when he's hungry and hitting the gaps.

Back end of last season, he was 130m+ every game

16-04-11, 01:56 AM
Mini and Watmough are 2 of my favourites back rowers to watch.

So dam strong when running.

16-04-11, 01:30 PM
Mini was great last night ... no, he was fantastic. His error rate is down to nothing.

16-04-11, 02:21 PM
Annoyed that i couldn't bet on Mini to score a try. normally bet on it every week

Titan Dad
19-04-11, 02:07 PM
Minni is going off this year. Expecting a huge year from him and to date he has not disappointed. He along with Bull has been easily our best. Look for his powerful defence to really pick up as his timing gets better and better.:wave:

19-04-11, 03:51 PM
As mentioned above, his error rate is much lower than last year and he seems to be hitting and running harder. One of my favourite Titans.

20-04-11, 02:38 AM
Media also touting him for NSW Blues honours in 2011!
Much deserved.