View Full Version : NYC Round 3: Titans v Broncos

22-03-11, 01:27 PM
Titans NYC team vs Broncos

1 Japeth Vaoa
2 Izaeah Marsh
3 Joe Mua
4 Alec Jones
5 Sam Saville
6 Jordan Rankin
7 Matt Beddow
8 Luke Page
9 Matt Srama
10 Titako Sili
11 Sam Martin
12 Blake Anderson
13 Charlie Jones


14 Jordan McLaughlin
15 Mitch Spackman
16 Dylan Hartin
17 Matthew Garland
18 Cale Hobday
19 Doug Asiata

Broncos: Lachlan Maranta, Arthur Brown, Dale Copley, Jerome Leedy, Chris Kuridrani, Corey Norman, Louis Frisby, Mitchell Frei, Kurt Baptiste, Matt Smith, Benn Malley, Aaron Whitchurch, Chris Binge; Interchange (From): Anthony Mullally, Stephen Coombe, Dan Wallace, Mboya Adams

Referee: Peter Gough; Sideline Officials: Tim Rutherford and Peter Anderson

22-03-11, 07:33 PM
We'll be there early to cheer on the boys, loud and proud.

Titan Dad
23-03-11, 08:35 AM
There seems to be a serious flaw in the defensive style for the Titans NYC side. I know the year is young and Patto is an awesome coach. However there is a serious defeciency in the back lines defence. They had a young bloke by the name of WALDRUM whom is an excellent defender and runner of the ball with a good footy head on his shoulders. Where is he. This would give the back line some serious defensive starch and more run pass options that they seem to be lacking. Give the kid a go he won't disappoint i assure you.:::