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14-03-11, 09:37 PM
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Introducing The Legion Steering Committee for Season 2011.

Robyn Eid - Titans Representative
Brad "DIEHARD" Newman - Communications
Shane "Coaster" Anderson - Communications Support
Adam McKenzie - Game Day Operations / Media
Doug Kirby - Game Day Support / Media / Recruitment
Dave Kirby - Game Day Support / Media / Recruitment
Mick Maas - Game Day Support / Media / Recruitment
Wade "Pappa Smurf" Grierson - Event Co-Ordinator
Sylvia Ng - Southern Legion Convenor / Media
Rhonda Toms - Secretary/Treasurer

The Legion Steering Committee is appointed at the discretion of the Gold Coast Titans on an annual basis. Steering Committee meetings will be chaired by a Titans representative, allowing a direct link to the club and providing a round table environment.

Steering Committee members have been assigned roles and given responsibilities. It is believed that this will provide the best result as people can focus on tasks and we can put people into specialist roles where they excel.

The new structure which officially makes The Legion part of the Gold Coast Titans club is innovative and unqiue and will be in a constant state of evolution. No other club has such a relationship with a supporters group in the National Rugby League and we believed we are equipped to reach our goals of being the best supporter group in the Rugby League as well as working with the Titans fanbase to develop an intense and passion home ground advantage at Skilled Park.

Legion Members and Titans supporters with ideas, concepts and feedback can submit proposals and ideas to the committee or more informally by speaking with a member of the Steering Committee.

There is more official detail to come from the club, but we all felt it was important that we put the good word out there, that The Legion is coming on strong. And no matter who you are, if you support the Titans, The Legion is here for you, you are The Legion.