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01-03-11, 07:38 PM
The Legion in 2011 is evolving into a new era with a Legion Steering Committee being appointed after much planning.

The committee comprises 9 Legion Members including myself and Coaster and is chaired by a Titans representative, so we have a direct link to the club. Everyone is equal in a round table style committee.

And there is no voting, its the club's call. Which takes away all the popularity contests and politicing.

There will be an official press release from the Titans soon.

But for your info the committee is.

Robyn Eide - Titans Membership Co-ordinator
Brad Newman - Communications
Coaster - Communications Support (And Podcast)
Adam McKenzie/GCT 89 - Game Day Operations and Media
Wade Grierson "Pappa Smurf - Events
Mick Maas - Game Day Support / Media /Recruitment
Dave Kirby - Game Day Support / Media / Recruitment
Doug Kirby - Game Day Support / Media / Recruitment
Sylvia Ng - Southern Legion Convenor / Media
Rhonda Toms - Secretary/Treasurer

Pretty rad ey. Everyone has their own roles and responsibility. I'm Communications so TheLegion.com.au, Twitter, Facebook, Titans Forum and forming a communications plan is my role. Which Im delighted with because it is obviously what I truly love. The boys who have Game Day have the hard role and they got my support 100%

01-03-11, 07:39 PM
BTW we have 150 Legion Members and climbing. And we have sold ALOT of one off tickets for Round 1.

We also received our Legion shirts at Saturday's inaugural planning meeting.

We also came up with some great material to use at Round 1. From there it will evolve and evolve.

I'm so hhhhaaappppyyy....

01-03-11, 08:08 PM
Exciting times for the Legion, I like that the club is making the calls to remove (like you said Brad) popularity contests.

Wish I could get more involved but I'm totally engrossed in work and study at the moment. Will definitely make my way to Legion as much as I can through out the year.

+ Of course if the Legion needs a helping hand with any events, Ill be on board.

Looking forward to seeing what amazing things happen in 2011.

01-03-11, 08:33 PM
Oh and spill the beans Brad, what can we expect from the Legion this year?

Are we going to bigger than Liverpool?!